Friday 19 January 2018

Charlies Nail Art

3D Nail Art

Thank crunchie it's Friday! Just when I think the last of the flu is leaving me, I wake up all bunged up and continue sneezing like crazy! This winter has certainly been a bad one for colds, bugs and this flu.
Least doing my nails has kept me going, though there has been days I could have just flopped!
Today for Charlies Nail Art I have these cute 
3D Glasses that come in a creamy white or black. You get 2 for only 29p.
These glasses come with a flat back and curved front detail to make them look more realistic. They measure 12mm x 5mm. Now I don't normally do 2 different mani's, but I got the idea for the second look whilst doing the first! I have no clue why these glasses made me thing if a cable knitted jumper but they did lol and here's my first mani.

Then the idea that came to me was to make a geeky chalkboard mani. I created the the letters using my calligraphy pen and white jnk8.

The glasses adhered well with the matte topcoat and I like both looks. These would be a great look for a Harry Potter party!
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. These are both really cool! The flu has hit here too. The boyfriend has been laid up for a few days so far. Praying the nugget and I don't catch it!

    1. Thank you, yes luckily the rest if my family hasn't been affected, think I've had all doses lol x

  2. I haven't gotten my flu shot yet and I hope I'm spared because the flu is the last thing I need right now. Those little glasses are so cute! I imagine doing a super neon mani with them.

    1. Neon would be so cool. I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

  3. Haha these are silly but so fun. I like the chalkboard version!