Thursday 22 June 2017


Full Nail Water Decals 

Hi guys, yes me again with another 2 sets of full nail water decals from Milvart. I absolutely love the amount of different types of decals, patterned, rainbow, floral, foil and so many more. Today's 2 are both totally different yet equally stunning.
J173. The gold and pink marble effect is a very unique decal, not 2 colours I'd put together personally, but yet look how well they compliment each other.

N779. The diamond and floral is another pattern that goes, and the black to grey shading is just right, helping the flowers to pop.

It's hard to think a white base makes these decals look so beautiful, it's like you wouldn't even no the white was underneath! And your aware of the whole application and clean up routine, as I've mentioned a fair few times in other posts.
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As always stay safe and much love...


  1. Oh, wow!!!! That pink marble is everything.

  2. The gold and pink are gorgeous!

  3. ok, now I want pink marble everything.

  4. I love that marble effect water decal. I need it!

  5. Fun decals! They made really gorgeous manis.

  6. The second one completely tripped me out - it almost look like the tip of your index was clear and my brain totally freaked out, haha