Monday 12 June 2017

Beauty Big Bang

Circle Glitter 

Happy Monday peeps! For today's nails I had fun playing with this mixed colour 
Circle Glitters. They come is 3 different sizes and can be used in many ways. I found they laid flat on my nails over a wet clear coat. Gently placing them on so the wet polish don't squish up in between them.
These are a perfect size to make flowers and Mickey Mouse faces, and so colourful over a white base.

I was expecting this accent nail to take longer than it did, and with the gold glitters on the other nails this is a special mani.

Top coating over these helps protect them, and didn't ruin them in any way. The different colours looked so pretty in the sun, and go so well together.
You can find these glitters and much more over on the Beauty Big Bang website, and keep up to date with them on Facebook,
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 Stay safe and much love....