Tuesday 13 June 2017

IZ Beauty of London

Monochrome Stickers

Hello lovely people, Hope you are well. Following on from my previous reviews for 
IZ Beauty of London, I have today these monochrome nail stickers.

A nice mix of hex designs and size of each sticker. I also like how they compliment each other. For my first look I used the black stickers that remind me of chains, and stuck them down the middle of each nail over the stunning blue from the Blooming Beautiful gel effect collection.
I mixed it up with the white sticker as an accent.
Next up I had fun creating this mani..

Both these stickers made me think of honeycomb. So I just had to add this cute bee stamped decal. Such a fun and cute mani.
These stickers laid so much flatter on my nails than any other I've tried. Normally I pick at stickers on my nails, but these felt almost smooth after top coated. Easy to peel off the backing and once you get the perfect placement, they stick well.
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Till my next review, stay safe and much love....