Friday 23 June 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Pop Art Nails

Well can you believe it's Friday again already? Hello to you all :)
Pop Art is something that is so colourful and these Water Decals from Charlies Nail Art are perfect. And if you're a Marilyn Monroe fan, even better!
Each decal is suitably designed to compliment they other and a colourful pop art image. I decided to mix up my mani with these decals, some freehand and reverse stamped decals. Just wait till you see my photo's!  I didn't even realise till I took them, that I placed one of the stamped decals upside down :/ so we have a 'wop' instead of 'pow'!!
But even so a colourful mani, and anyway it's a pop art look so it goes lol.

It was these decals that inspired the look of the other nails and I'm happy to say it goes. Charlies Nail Art also have a great variety of Pop Art decals..go check them out.
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Stay safe and much love....