Monday 29 May 2017

Moyou Nails Fashion

Square Stamping Plate

Hi guys, hope your doing well and had a good weekend. It's a Bank Holiday here today, so another relaxing day....not! 
Anyway I'm here with another Square Stamping Plate from Moyou Nails Fashion.
Urban 445 is a full image plate, with a lovely assortment of designs. I really like how the squiggles and other shapes make the hills for the cute houses. Great detail on this plate and etched perfectly. I found the best way to pick up a clean and crisp image was to quickly and lightly roll my stamped over the design.
Of course I had to make reverse stamped decals, and used various Moyou Nails Fashion Polishes to colour them in.
Here's my mani with a glossy topcoat....

Then I added a matte topcoat...

Which finish do you prefer? I can't decide!
Below you'll see my 20% discount code and you can check out Moyou Nails Fashion over on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Stay safe and much love....


  1. Se visse nõ compraria a plaquinha, mas ficou linda demais nas unhas.

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  2. Love the reverse stamping! I like your color choices.

  3. I love what you did with this! Great decal work. :)

  4. What a super fun mani! Great plate.

  5. I love how detailed this manicure is! I would have thought it was a nail wrap instead of a stamp.

  6. As always, this is amazing. I love it matte!

  7. What a fun plate! I love it allllll glossy!

  8. OMG! Your mani is amazing - this plate really does lend itself to reverse stamping. This design reminds me of Viennese 20th century art.

  9. Super cute mani! I like the shiny version better.