Tuesday 16 May 2017

Moyou Nails Fashion

New Polishes

Hello Hello! Today I have a long-ish post on 6 new polishes from Moyou Nails Fashion. These polishes are called the Nature Collection and are all seasonal colours perfect for all occasions and styles. These polishes are all £6.99 each and not only great for stamping, but suitable as a base colour, or making reverse stamped decals. 
For each of my swatches I have done 2 coats and topcoat, ( though these could all be a 1 coater!) plus an accent nail showing how they also stamp. The lightest shade I have stamped over black and white, they others have all been stamped over a white base.
Image from Google images.
The lightest shade of these 6, and a very elegant nude beige shade. Application was nice with the large brush, and drying time was fast. You can see how delicate this stamps over white.
Show up more over black, but still very delicate looking. Image from Vintage plate 401
Grey Skies.
Image from Google images 
This colour is a mauve to grey mix with purple undertones, it's such a pretty shade and very warm looking. Application again as above, and stamped perfectly. Image from Glam plate 400
Midnight Blue.
Image from Google images 
As the name suggests this is a deep blue and almost jelly looking, stamps a lot lighter than worn as a base colour, but still super pretty. Image from Glam plate 400.
Forest Green.
Image from Google images 
Another deep yet stunning shade of green and again had a jelly look finish. Not many green shades suit my skin tone, but I absolutely love this one! Application, stamping and drying time is all spot on. Image from Vintage plate 403.
Purple Rain.
Image from Google images 
This shade is a burgundy purple, and sort of vampy. I can see me using this colour a lot! I love everything about it, the colour is just perfect. Image from Vintage plate 403.
Chestnut Road.
Image from Google images 
Last but not least is this beautiful berry red, and very sexy red at that! A perfect shade for all year round. Image from Vintage plate 402.
Overall I'm very impressed with these 6 Nature inspired polishes, all easily a 1 coater, dries quickly, a beautiful finish and awesome that these can be used as a nail colour and for stamping.
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I have plenty more reviews to come on some other polishes and square stamping plates, so watch this space!
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Till next time stay safe and much love.....


  1. I love how these are rich and jelly-like but also stamp well.

    1. Thank you, they are all incredibly pretty x

  2. wow one coaters! Gorgeous stamping application.

  3. Nice colors. I guess I've never thought about using stamping polish as actual polish.

    1. Not sure if you can with all stamping polishes, but these are specially made for that purpose x