Saturday 27 May 2017

La Femme

Fluo Gift Set 

Making the most of this amazing warm, sunny weather, and what better than to share with you all these stunning neon polishes, perfect for Summer. These cute 6ml bottles come in a pretty gift set and can be purchased from Vivien Kondor website,
Fluo come in 10 rainbow colours for £10.
How pretty does these all look. For my swatches I have applied 2 coats of each colour over a white base, and no topcoat.
Each have been photographed in the sun and shade, and look awesome! As there are lots of pics, I'll talk about these polishes at the end..

A perfect rainbow of shades that really pop over a white base. The first coat is quite jelly looking, so I will try these with a leadlight mani. The second coat made the colour more opaque and just lush. The finish without a topcoat was so shiny, and not bad drying time either. A lovely gust set of polishes that would make anyone happy.
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. Wow, this is a really nice collection of neons! I love the variety. Great swatches!

  2. So bright!!! Makes me wanna wear a neon and head to the beach

  3. Replies
    1. The are all incredibly awesome. Thank you x

  4. This is a really nice spectrum of neons - I love kits like this that let you get a nice collection in one spot.

    1. Yes it's nice when a rainbow of colours are in one set :)