Monday 8 May 2017


Water Decals 

Hi guys! Oh my what a weekend. Saturday was filled with a mixture of doing reviews, baby sitting and preparing the living room for decorating. Sunday was super busy too. But anyways I'm here with another review and 2 lots of full nail water decals from Milvart. It's times like these that I wish my nails were longer, as although both these decals look super pretty on my shorter nails  (which I have shaped) the designs are truly beautiful. 
I really like how the singluar flowers are in assorted sizes of each nail in N869p. My only quibble with these were although on a clear backing, I had to cut around each flower as close as possible. But placing multiple flowers on each nail over a white base, this cutting was worth while, as it really is a striking look. And top coated looked sensational.

Next up, one of my favourite decal design, as the base colour can be any you like, creating multiples of different looks. I also like how each pattern is different. N446 is a very unique full nail water decals. Obviously my base had to be a neon rainbow vertical gradient.

Totally in love with this mani. Which is your favourite?
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Another 2 stunning decals coming soon...
Stay safe and much love...