Friday 5 May 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Feather Nail Foil 

I did this post before I filed my nails on my cindy hand, you see I was trying out a new colour shift polish over a white base and just new this sparkly multi coloured 
Feather Nail Foil would suit perfectly. You can find this foil over on Charlies Nail Art website for only 39p. The strip measures 13mm x 4mm. 
Just look at those holo rainbow feathers, and the back is silver and also holo making it easier to know what side to stick to your nails.
Once my foil glue was dry, the feathers in this foil stuck really well and when I took the foil off they looked awesome!

To stop them from wrinkling I applied another coat of foil glue and then top coated.
I can't believe this is my very last post with long nails and my cindy hand. But least they will grow again.
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Stay safe and much love....