Sunday 9 June 2013

MUA Fur Effect Nails

Fur Effect Nails

Wasn't planning on doing another post so soon, but just lately, I live, breath and eat nail art!! That's why I'm up so early on a Sunday morning typing this lol. So yesterday while watching the Canadian Formula 1 Qualifying, I decided to try something using MUA Fur Effect powder. I have three of these beauties and lucky enough found MUA Nail Polish to match! Boo Boo Fluff and Shade 9 polish, Fluffy Puff and Natural Days polish, Fuzzy Fluff and Bright Pink polish.

Started by painting two coats of each polish on swatch nails that I made. I painted a fourth nail with all three colours, for the idea I had.

Now I'm sure by now you all know how to do Fur Effect nails, but just in case, I painted a nail with top coat and with tweezers placed the Fur Effect all over the nail, pressed down lightly, then shook off. The striped nail was easy enough to do, as long as all the polish was dry. Just swiped top coat over one colour at a time.

The final result is awesome, and I'm sure with the striped nail, you could do thinner strips of polish, using a nail art brush, so you have each colour more than once. How hard it would be to put the fur effect on that 
though, I'm not sure. Saying that I might give it a go today, and post the photo here later... Till then, I hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think, I love reading comments from you guys :)



  1. Looks like fun! :D
    I'm not sure I would like to have it on my nails though. :D
    How does it feel? Is ist really soft?
    Looks very nice, as always! ;)

    1. Thank you so much :) I was the same at first, but its ok. I was worried about when it gets wet. It dries instantly!! Yes feels very soft, like velvet.
      Tracey x

    2. Wow, really? Guess I have to try it then :D
      Maybe I'll find a nice colour ;)

    3. :) MUA sell some nice colours, just make sure you have a nail polish in a similar colour. Would love to see them if you do :D xx

  2. I love the effect, although I never tried it myself.. How long do they last, Tracey?

    1. I had done smaller nail art using it, like dots and hearts. They have lasted a week. As for a full nail I haven't tried either. But should imagine a few days to a week. Like glitter polish to remove, so I used the foil method.
      Tracey xx