Tuesday 4 June 2013

Del Sol in Ruby Slipper

Del Sol Colour Change Polish

Hello beautiful people, isn't the sunshine just awesome :) Now I don't normally do a new manicure in the week, but with the sun shining, I just had to try out the awesome Del Sol in Ruby Slipper. I got this from an English seller on ebay, cost £8.00, bit more than I'd normally pay for a polish, but this is just so so awesome, it had to be done :)

Its a gold glittery polish, with gold and silver sparkle. Looks pretty plain in the bottle, but comes to life in the sun! I started out with two coats of this polish. Its better than normal glitter to apply, glided on the nail really smoothly. No strong smell either. 

I didn't think it suited my skin tone, but wasn't leaving it plain anyway, as I had an idea ever since I got this polish. Was just waiting for the sun to make an appearance! Using Cheeky stamping plate CH2 and MUA polish in black, I stamped a leopard print design over the entire nail.

I so wanted to go outside lol but as soon as the sun hits the polish, it changes to a beautiful red colour, hence the name Ruby Slipper. Once cleaned up and top coat applied, I went outside. Now I just no when I get my daughter from school, I will look like a mad person just staring at my nails :) The colour changes back in the shade. Just take a look :) 

If you want to see the colour change as it happens, check out my video here.
Well that's all for now, got some new coloured crackle polish to swatch for another post, and another idea! But till then have a great time in the sun :)



  1. Hey :)
    Are those your real nails? And how do you do the stamping? Doesen't work with only one time per nail, does it?
    My thumbs are a bit to wide and it always looks awful if i try to stamp twice :/
    Looks nice!

  2. Yes they are my own my nails. No I the stamps are not wide enough for some of mine. I have to double stamp some. Thank you so much for your lovely comment :) xx