Saturday 29 June 2013

Mix Matched Nails

Nails for a special weekend

Hello again :) Felling better today after the last week, and so for this weekend I decided to do  mix match nails! As I have said before I'm a massive Formula 1 fan, and it's the British F1 this weekend, with the race tomorrow, on my youngest daughter's birthday :) I also wanted to do a tribute to our cat Tilly <3. So instead of three different nail manicures, I mixed all three together!!
I started by painting my nails white, and using Cheeky plates CH16 for the cup cakes design and CH17 for the present design, these where the birthday nails sorted. For the Formula 1, I chose on painting the Union Jack Flag, and for the tribute to Tilly, I was so lucky to find a nail stamping plate on ebay numbered M71, with the most cute cat on it, and Hello Kitty too...bonus :)

With all the different designs sorted, just had to chose what nails to paint them on lol. As I was only doing one nail for the F1, I painted the Union Jack on my thumb nail. Then alternate nails for the other designs. Whether they all go together or not, I don't care ha ha, this is me. To have far out and different nail art on each finger!! But I think they go well :) What do you think??

I'm really happy with how they all came out, even the dodgy flag painted with my non dominant hand!!
If you want to let me know, just comment below (hey that rhymes lol)...

Have a fab weekend, enjoy the sun :)


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