Sunday 2 June 2013

Easy Nail Art Stamping

ENAS- Easy Nail Art Stamping

Hello all :) Hope you are all having a great weekend, and enjoying the sunshine!! Yesterday I received a parcel from ENAS- Easy Nail Art Stamping, a company based in Korea. They sell all different images plates and the special nail polish, in a rainbow of colours. They kindly sent me a small stamping kit to review, and I was happy to do so, as I haven't found any British reviewers of their products!
It similar to Konad. But as with Konad, Bundle Monster, Cheeky and other stamping plates, you need an image plate, scraper and stamper. But with this item, all you need is the image plate and nail polish, and the stamper is the image plate! Another great aspect of this form of stamping, is that you can stamp an image with more than one colour, which you can do with the normal stamping plates, but its much harder to get an exact colour in one part of the image, or to two tone an image. So with this, the image design are endless :)

In this pack you can see the image plate, special nail polishes and an orange stick, this is to help clean up the image before stamping into your nail. 

But your asking how does it work? Well its really simple. First time of me using it, and if I can do it, anyone can! You paint the image you want with polish, and stamp onto paper to remove the excess polish. If you want a multi-colour design use the pointed end of the orange stick to remove the part of the design you want a different colour. Paint again with new colour, stamp onto paper again and you done. Now simply and slowly line up with your nail and press and roll slowly, with a bit of pressure and the image is on your nail. Although they say you can only use their special nail polish, I did want to try with Konad polish, and normal nail polish, just too see if it worked.

As from the photos you can see the results were pretty good, using Konad and normal nail polish, as well as the ENAS polish. Overall this product is awesome, and I would totally recommend anyone who is mad about nail art, (as I am lol) to buy this. The only top coat I have that doesn't smudge or smear nail art designs is by La Femme. Have done a video here YouTube :) Sadly Youtube auto adjusted my video, but you can still get what I'm doing.

This product was send for me to review for Easy Nail Art Stamping (ENAS) and this is my total and honest opinion. 

Have you got any ENAS stamping plates? Let me know what you think even if you haven't. Would love to hear from you guys :)


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