Wednesday 5 June 2013

Crackle Polish

Coloured Crackle Polish

So yesterday after doing my nails with Del Sol Ruby Slipper, I mentioned I had some new coloured crackle polish to swatch. Now I'm not normally a lover of crackle polish, but as soon as I saw these bright gorgeous colours I had to get them. Not just to use on their own, but to do a rainbow crackled nail design. I've seen, and done myself, rainbow colours on the nail and painted black or white crackle over the top, to do a rainbow design that way. But this would be a bold base colour and rainbow crackle top :) I got the these from ebay, cost £11.98 and free delivery for a set of 8 polishes. I have bought from this seller before, and would totally recommend them. Delivery was fast, two days before the actual delivery date I was given! 

Wasn't too fussed by the Deep Red or Brown. It was the other bright colours that caught my eye. But as they came in the set I'm sure I'll used them someway or another. I swatch them over black and white to show the different shades of the polish. Looked darker when applied, but as they dried they became lighter, especially over the black base. Smell was quite strong, but not over powering. 

Was pleased with all shades, but the Deep Red changed with white polish to a musky pink, and the whits base was completely dry! Very pretty on the white, but pop so much with a black base. So now onto the rainbow crackle nail :) Again swatched over black and white, and I also tried two different design for each nail. Painting down and then across. Started a facebook page, just for my nails :)

Just awesome :) But from these four my favourites are the white striped across and the black striped down.
Would love to know what you think. Do you have any coloured crackle like these? Comment below, and I'll always reply :) Till next time, have a great day...


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