Thursday, 2 May 2013

Pride of London Nail Polish

Pride of London Nail Polish

Shopping at my local market a while back, I came across a new stall selling nothing but nail polish :) Oh my I was in nail polish heaven lol. Prices ranged from £1 to £3. Now everybody likes a bargain, so I started looking at the cheaper price range. Never heard of the brand before, Pride by London. Nice shaped bottles, a bit similar to OPI. 15ml of polish, so worth every pound. Ranged from pastels, brights, shimmery, creams, neon and metallic. Sadly no names just numbers. I got 7 metallic, 2 shimmery, 3 brights, 1 pastel and 2 neon. 
Brush is a nice size, and nice to apply, no streaking, and hardly any smell :)

If you find these anywhere, I'd love to know. As I think I am the first person ever to review them :) Treat yourself if you do see them, as they are worth every penny :)



  1. I bough 353 (glossy neon pink) in Harrow about 2-3 years ago?? Have not seen them before or since! I am currently trying to dilute the last bit with npr.