Monday, 6 May 2013

Sally Hansen Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Nail Polish

My selection of Sally Hansen Nail Polish, has come from Poundland, and Cosmetic Fairy. Thankfully at last a British web site that sells nail polishes that I thought would only be sold in the USA, and when I see them in Poundland, I get them buy them lol. The Xtreme Wear I mainly got for water marbling, saying that though, some are such beautiful colours to paint your nails. Blue it, for example is such an awesome colour. The Insta-dri was for stamping, and works very well. High Definition, again such beautiful, striking colours. Painted over black makes them change again.

 Left to right: Purple Pizzazz, Time to Sine, Deep Blue Sea, Lime Lights, Lavender Envy, Blue me away and Emerald City.

Left to right: Blue It, Peach Daiquiri, Violet Sparks, Night Lights, Teeny Green Bikini, Twisted Pink and Purple Potion.

Swatched with one coat of polish.

Left to right: Peachy Breeze, Fuchsia Flare, Raspberry Race, Grape Escape, Rapid Red, Emerald Express, Brisk Blue, Blue Away, Jade Jump and Chartreuse Chase

Insta-dri at the top, High Definition at the bottom.

Left to right: Laser, LCD, Pixel Pretty, Lite, Spectrum and Hue.

Left to right: Must have Iris, Glow, Poppy, Bright and Beaming.

I will add a photo of all my nail polish collection. I must have close to 500 bottles!! But a few more blogs to do till then :)


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