Sunday 5 May 2013

Nail Foil

Nail Foil

Hello again, so today I want to share with you all my collection of Nail Foils, that I purchased  some time ago, from ebay. Was unsure how well they would work, but to my surprise :) they did, and really well. My nails where a lot shorter when I first tried them, and with so much other nail art around, haven't really tried them on my long nails. But now the sun is making an appearance, I might just have to use them again. The colours are vibrant, shiny and even holographic. 

Rubelite Fire and Fuchsia Fantasy, are very similar in colour, but have different patterns. Rubelite Fire is more swirly, Fuchsia Fantasy is straight lined shapes. Peacock Dazzle and Azure Lights, are the same colour foil, again with different patterns. Azure Lights gives a straight line effect, where as Peacock Dazzle, has a patterned one. There are 1.5m of foil in each roll. So enough to do your nails many times. I also wanted a patterned foil, there came on strips of card, and are only 1 m long.

These are a bit more difficult to apply, as you have to make sure you paint your complete nail with enough foil glue, and when you place the foil on your nail, you don't get and folds or creases in it. Where as the other foils, you paint you nail first with a nail polish that's close in colour to the foil your using, then paint with the foil glue (starts as a blue colour, and dries clear. That's when you know its ready. About 5 mins) place the foil on top and press into the nail. When you take it off, if there are gaps you can go back over with the piece of nail foil, but this you can't do with the patterned foil.


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