Saturday 18 May 2013

2true Salon Shine Nail Polish

2true Salon Shine Nail Polish

I have totally run out of room to store nail polish now lol, but so wanted to try these new polishes from 2true. So today as Superdrug still had their 3 for 2 offer, I took advantage and got three :),  my last ever purchase for nail polish. Looked myself to see if anyone else has reviewed them, and haven't found anyone. So I'm happy to be the first :)
I wasn't sure how these would compare to the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine, so I got three colours I wouldn't normally chose, but still liked. Unlike the other 2true nail polishes these ones do come with names.

Mila, Taylor and Nicole.

Swatched with one coat.

Nicole is a very deep and beautiful shade of purple, bit like grapes lol. Taylor is a mid range pink, but not too bright. Mila is a bit darker than I was expecting, and as I wouldn't normally wear orange, think this one would make a nice rainbow, with other colours. But its still a nice shade. No streaking when applied, and one coat seems enough, but I reckon two would make them really pop. Has a wicked shine when dried. No top coat applied. I wouldn't say they are the same as the Gelly Hi Shine, so I would so recommend getting them :)

Nice size brush.



  1. Never seen these before so thanks for the review. You didn't say where you bought them ;-)

    1. I mention Superdrug at the begining of the review. 2True are £1.99 each or 3 for £5, but these are from their new pro range and are £4 each. But worth every penny xx