Friday, 17 May 2013

Barry M nail polish

My favourite Barry M nail polish

Hey :) hope you are all well. Wanted to share with you all, my favourite Barry M nail polishes that I have. Now I love a bargain, but am also willing to pay a bit more for a nail polish, and with the new ones Barry M comes out with, I have to get :) Started with the crackle, bought the black and white, and loved them so much also got the blue and pink. With my collection slowing growing, I was looking for something different, and got myself two Barry M Chameleon nail polishes. Then a lovely coloured glitter, and finally two of the new Gelly Hi Shine, and when I purchased these I got a free polish too :) Now as with all Barry M polishes, the have great coverage with one coat of polish, and all of these are no different. The Chameleon ones are a beautiful metallic colour, that makes me not want to put a top coat on the change the colour lol. Gelly Hi Shine just rock, awesome bright and funky colours. 

Free polish, Magenta Glitter, Blood Orange and Pomegranate.

Chameleon Lilac and Chameleon Pink.

All swatched with one coat.

I put a top coat on the Chameleon to show the change, but beautiful, with or without. Gelly Hi shine speaks for itself :) The free polish is a wicked blue/turquoise colour, and shimmers beautifully. All nice to apply, no streaking, just an awesome polish.


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