Friday, 20 July 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Heart Nail Decals

Yay no early morning alarm for 6 weeks (though I'll still end up waking up early lol) yay for Friday, and yay for this beautiful summer weather 😊
So for my review today I created a beautiful romantic mani with some pretty Heart nail decals from Charlies Nail Art.
I have Royal Flush and there are 7 other colours to choose from. You get 100 hearts in a mixture of 3 colours in each pack. They measure 3mm x 3mm and cost 49p. So to my mani, I started with a white base which I stamped some script in grey, added some sponged brown polish to give a vintage love letter look. Then added one if each colour heart to each nail with top coat.
Then added a matte top coat to protect the hearts and complete the feel of this look.

As these are called Royal Flush I was tempted to do a playing card inspired look, but for me that was too obvious, and I'm really liking this mani, it would be perfect for Valentine's.
BNM15 is my 15%discount code, from any items you purchase of on the Charlies Nail Art website, plus you can keep up to date with them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Stay safe and much love.....

Thursday, 19 July 2018


Floral Water Decals 

One more early morning then the school term has finished for a lovely 6 weeks holiday. The weather has been glorious and here's hoping it continues. We haven't any holiday planned, but fun days out and family time in the garden will be had.
I have another 2 full nail water decals from
Milvart. Both of these are equally beautiful floral decals.
F186 is a pretty rose foiled decal that can be used over any colour base, N945 needs a white base to help the colour really pop.
For the roses I used a cream base to compliment the colours in the design. Was going to add a matte top coat but I liked the glossy finish.

With the next set I applied them slightly differently, as the curved cuticle part would mean the flowers would be facing me, so upside down, and that would really bug me lol so I turned them round. And finished these with a matte top coat and they look awesome!

Again both of these were super easy to apply, even the foil one. I really like how you can gently smooth out any creases or wrinkles to leave a beautiful smooth finish but without stretching or splitting the decals. Top coat doesnt spoil the colours and they just look amazing.
You can check out Milvart on Facebook and
Instagram and I'll have another review ready next week with another 2 stunning images.
Stay safe and much love....

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Born Pretty Store

Rose Gold Pigment

The cake went well, even though I was icing it in 30° heat with chocolate frosting!! Sadly no pictures as I had to chill it before it was collected.
Back to nail related things, I have today this pot of Champagne Rose Gold Pigment from
Born Pretty Store. I got 0.5g of product in the pot, and a sponge tipped applicator.
As per I've used regular black polish as my base and a layer of my tacky polish, the patted the pigment over each nail working on one at a time, then I gently burnished with my finger. You can definately make out the colourful rainbow flecks from this pigment. I managed to get a nice smooth looking finish, and it's kind of holographic too. I finished with a coat of my water based polish.

In the shade you can see how pretty this finish is with regular polish.
For only 0.2g of product I hardly used any, which makes an item like this just perfect. Feel free to use my discount code BABX31 from any items you purchase of on the Born Pretty Store website.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter is where you can find and keep up to date with them too.
Stay safe and much love.....

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Beauty Big Bang

Metallic Polish 

So unlike when I made my daughter's birthday cake, I did a few reviews so I was free to make it. But this one for her friend still needs decorating! So let's get on with this post...
This is a very gorgeous purple shade, item number J6459TM-10A.
Swatched with 2 coats and no topcoat. Again very pigmented and easily a one coater. Quick drying time to leave a beautiful smooth finish.

I then added my fast dry top coat and the colour seemed to change slightly! Not sure if it's noticeable in my photo. But still a stunning colour.
I would really recommend these metallics, they are so high quality, I want them all!
My discount code TRAB10 is available for you all to use over on the Beauty Big Bang website, if it's used 6 times Beauty Big Bang will host a giveaway with me over on IG 😊
You can pay by credit card or PayPal and free worldwide delivery.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are the best places to keep up to date with them too.
Stay safe and much love...

Monday, 16 July 2018

Vivien Kondor

Permeable Polish with Henna 

Another week full of reviews and a chocolate cake lol. I'll get straight into this post as I have a few photo's and wanted to explain exactly what permeable polish is.
This is the start of my reviews on another brand new polish collection from Vivien Kondor.
What is Permeable Polish?
It's a formulation that allows moisture and oxygen to pass through pores in the polish, making it permeable, kinder to your nails, breathable and more hygienic.
Advantages of Henna in polish.
If your nails are weak or split, henna helps to protect due to the Keratin in it, a protein that strengthens nails. When this polish is applied directly to the nail bed, it will help clear, prevent infections and stop any irritations.
These polishes are also 7 free so they don't contain any of the following.. Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphour, Triphenyl Phosphare and Xylene. They are also cruelty free and vegan friendly. Ok now that's out of the way, onto my first 5 swatches. Each done with no base or topcoat and 2 coats of polish unless otherwise stated.
HA01 Black Henna, HA02 Decadent, HA03 Gentle Grey, HA04 Pure White and HA05 Natural. These come in their own box and cost £9.99 each. 
Black Henna is a pure black with a nice shiny finish, as you can't use a topcoat it's nice to see a great finish.

I think Decadent is my favourite (so far) a nice gun metal/blue almost metallic finish. Oh and this was a one coater!

Gentle Grey is a beautiful mid grey.

Pure White was another one coater! And I nice crisp clean white.

Natural is a very beautiful neutral shade.

From doing these first 5, I'm very impressed with the colours, application, drying time and finish. I can't wait to try the others!
My discount is available for you all to use over on the Vivien Kondor website, and if you would like to see a permeable test, check out this Video.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are the best places to keep up to date with Vivien Kondor.
Stay safe and much love.....

Friday, 13 July 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Mermaid Glitter

Well what a week! Our boys did us proud in the World Cup. The weather is hotting up again, and I feel pooped!! So I'm looking forward to a relaxing and chilled out weekend.
I received some more goodies to review from Charlies Nail Art, most are brand new nail art items, but today I'm showing you this very pretty Mermaid Scale Glitter. I have silver, though it comes in 4 different colours for only 75p. Each singular glitter measures 2mm and are hexagon shaped.
You get a nice amount in a resealable bag. Just look at that sparkle! I paired these with a silver holographic polish, and stuck individual glitters using foil glue, as the tacky layer helps these to stick and didn't dry like a topcoat would have.
Here's how they look before a layer topcoat.

I was hoping once I top coated it wouldn't spoil the look, happy to say it didn't!
They laid flat to my nails, and I just love how each piece has its own colour sparkle. You can find these and so much more over on the Charlies Nail Art website.
Should you place an order then use my discount code BNM15. And why not check them out on their social media to see all the latest news.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Stay safe and much love.....

Thursday, 12 July 2018


Full Nail Water Decals 

Remember my daughter's birthday cake. Well her friend liked it so much she wants one for here birthday, but with a honeycomb topping! So busy with reviews to give me time for another cake!
Anyway, I have another 2 full nail water decals from Milvart. I've also done a video tutorial, which will be at the end of this post. 
N898 is a very pretty almost tropical floral design and J227 is a stunning black and gold marble effect. Both need a white base to help the colours really pop. They apply so smoothly and look amazing. I also like how you'd never tell that a white base is under these decals. The detail in each of them is amazing.

I think I prefer the marble effect with a matte top coat. What do you think?

If you've not tried these decals yet, you really are missing out! Why not take a look at the awesome range of designs over on the Milvart website, and they can also be found over on
Facebook and Instagram.
Stay safe and much love....