Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Moyou Nails Fashion

Script Stamping 

Rather a slow week here, plodding along and really feeling poop! I need the Summer back...
Anywho, today I have another review on an XL Stamping plate from Moyou Nails Fashion.
This plate has one of my favourite images on...Script.
I absolutely love how versatile script stamping can be. Along with a few extra designs of polka dots, numbers and a musical notes, this is an awesome plate from the Urban Collection.
For my first look I used the news paper style image to create an old fashion news paper.
My second look is over a purple to white gradient and stamped with the scribble text. I added some floral water decals.
Lastly for all you music lovers this sheet music image is so fun!
The 'sayings images all stamp perfectly too!
A nicely etched plate with some fab designs. All my looks were made using various Moyou Nails Fashion polishes, they work well for a base colour and stamping!
Please use my discount code above, should you make an order over on the Moyou Nails Fashion website, not forgetting you can keep up to date with on FacebookInstagram and 
Stay safe and much love.....

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Kads Stamping Polishes

Aliexpress Purchase 

I'm rather late with this post, though it's a review, the items have been purchased by myself from Aliexpress. My daughter is home from her holiday and will be coming over layer to show off her lovely sun tan!
So back to all things nail related, as well as buying Zjoy polishes and plates, I also bought Kads stamping polishes and plates. 2 separate orders but from the Official Kads seller on Aliexpress. I'm sharing the polishes first and the plates very soon in a separate post.
As like with my review on the Zjoy, I've done a video, and stamped on my beautifully painted spoons!! You can see each polish stamps well over both black and white.
If you want to see me stamp these then check out my video below.

If not and you like how they look in my photo, plus you want or need new stamping polishes, then I'd recommend these Kads ones. Delivery only took 12 days from ordering to the UK.
Stay safe and much love

Monday, 17 September 2018

Born Pretty Store

Brand new Dipping Powder

If you have been following me for a while, you'll know I love my dip powders. When I saw that Born Pretty Store released their own dipping powders I knew I had to try out a few.
So for my latest review parcel I have 2 of the latest dip powders, the only thing I did notice is that at the moment Born Pretty Store have no base, activator or top coat (the dip powder liquids) so I also asked for some nail glue to try with these powders.
For the first I've made a video tutorial, but the application is the same as any other dip powder. 
The first shade is called Autumn Light.
The pots are smaller than I was expecting, but I was still able to dip my long nails, you could always sprinkle the powder over though.
Also pictured is the Nail glue.
Nice to see the dip powder us seal protected so no spillage in shipping.

A nice delicate neutral shade that would be perfect for a base with a white to create a french mani.

If you watch my video, you'll see the glue was good for the first dip application  but dries fast so I had to changed to my other dip powder base.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are the best places to find and keep up to date with Born Pretty Store, and if you make a purchase please use my discount code BABX31.
Stay safe and much love....

Friday, 14 September 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Skull and Crossbones 

Another week has flown by, life is just life and as it's Friday let's finish my week of reviews with my regular Charlies Nail Art one.
I was all out of inspiration for these cute 
Sorry for the bright pic, but it was hard to capture these tiny white skull and crossbones. 
They are only 75p for a resealable bag of 300 decals that measure 3mm x3mm. They lay totally flat, even on my curved nails. Anyway, as I said, I had total brain freeze so asked my 14 year old daughter if she had any ideas. 
She sat at my table and created this design on my stamping mat.
I absolutely loved it and that's what I did on my nails! So this review is a big shout out to my daughter Ami for her creativity!

These decals are a perfect addition for a Halloween party, you could even put them on you face, mobile phone case!
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Charlies Nail Art.
Stay safe and much love......

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Revel Nail

Wanderlust Revel Mates 

So the time has come for me to share the last Revel Mates Wanderlust matching shade nail polish and dip powder. There was no reasoning for me leaving the shade till last, but it helped cheer me up with the dull and gloomy weather we have now in the UK. 

Aloha is such a delicate pretty pinky peach shade. Now I'm not sure what happened, as I applied the dip powder as usual on my cindy hand, then painted 2 coats of the polish on my swatching hand. Although these do look very similar, the polish was a tad lighter than the dip powder.

Still super pretty though and as I keep the dip powder on my cindy hand for a few weeks, I wanted to added something. So I applied a holo topcoat and added some bling, and I absolutely love it!

As I've mentioned in my previous posts, sadly this Wanderlust Collection is no longer available, but there is a new limited edition collection called Dia de la.
You can also keep up to date Revel Nail over on
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I hope you've enjoyed these Revel Mates posts, as much as I've enjoyed doing them.
Stay safe and much love.....

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Moyou Nails Fashion

Halloween Stamping

Hey all, just a quick post for today as I've loads to do. I've created 2 different Halloween looks using 2 different stamping plates from Moyou Nails Fashion. The first from an old Concept plate, the second from the newer square stamping plate.
Check out my video tutorial to see my glow in the dark mani using the concept plate, as I really love how the images can be used to make a Halloween scene.

My next look was made using the square plate
Halloween 456, this plate is jammed packed with various designs and another fab plate.

FacebookInstagram and Twitter are the best places to find and keep up to date with Moyou Nails Fashion and I'll have another review next week.
Stay safe and much love.....

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Zjoy Stamping

Polish and Plates

Hi guys, I have an exciting post today on some goodies I purchased myself from Aliexpress. I've always looked on this website but never bought a thing, till now!
I did a video on the Zjoy stamping polishes, and now I used the Zjoy stamping plates too. Check out my video on these and see the layered stamping mani I created using both items.

I've since purchased the black and white Zjoy polish and looking at some other bits on aliexpress!!
Thanks for reading and till next time, stay safe and much love.....