Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Born Pretty Store

Square Stamping Plate

Good day to you all. With the summer leaving us in the UK the evening getting darker earlier, and feeling colder, I'm not ready to let it go! It brings me nicely to this fun and cute stamping plate from Born Pretty Store
Sketches BP-X39 has 6 full nail images that are perfect for colouring in. Just like a kids colouring book. Nicely sizes and great detail. Etched well and stamped perfectly.
I used 4 of these designs to make a themed mani. In my mind the story is 'your so fed up with raining days you go for a drive, past the town, to the seaside, and watch the hot air balloons before driving home'. A matte top coat looked so much better than glossy. What do you think?

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Stay safe and much love....

Monday, 18 September 2017

Clear Jelly Stamper

Big Bling Stamper

Hello! This post was ment for the weekend, but life being life put a stop to that! So I'm starting this new week off with this post on some goodies I was kindly sent from Clear Jelly Stamper. The home of the original clear stamper. Now I'm not sure about you, but I have a draw full of different stampers, and my usual go to is my creative shop one. Well let's just say after trying out the Big Bling Stamper, this is now my go to one! 
So I also have 3 stamping polishes.
And these 2 layering stamping plates.
The Big Bling Stamper is packaged in a cute box and comes with a credit card style scraper. I was dubious to whether the stamper needed priming before use, but I just rolled it a few times over my lint roller and it worked perfectly. I'll admit it took a bit of practise scraping the polish from the plate to get the solid base images, but after a few tries I think I got the hang of it.
So using plate Ahoy Matey, I created pirate themed mani.

Layering the images was so much fun, and super duper easy with The Big Bling.
The feather image really caught my eye, so I stamped multiple feathers with some holo polishes. The Big Bling even picked these up so clean and crisp.

If you have not yet had to chance to try The Original Clear Jelly Stamper, I'd really recommend you do. Squishy enough for my curved nails, and super easy to layer multiple images. I'm so looking forward to trying the full nail floral images with the other plate.
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Stay safe and much love....

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Red Carpet Manicure

Fiji Fever Collection 

Hi my beautiful readers. Here's little me with my second post sharing my swatches with you, for Red Carpet Manicure and their Fiji Fever Collection. I also have the nude polish Creme De La Creme that came in the Gel Polish Pro Kit.
In my last post I shared my bottle pics, and first swatch of Beach Queen from the Fiji Fever Collection. If you missed it, you can read it here.
So on with my swatches. All applied over a peel off base (to protect my natural nails) base coat cured for 30 seconds and colour gel/top coat cured for 45 seconds. 
Paparazzi Proof is a beautiful blue and was much sheerer with the first coat, but the second rectified this.

Just wanted to add my peel off shot here!
Summer Yellow was again another sheer Gel, but a pretty yellow shade just a shame it clashes with my skin tone.

Cabana Bonanza is a stunning bright red, and highly pigmented and a dream to apply

Shake Your Beach Bum. Love the name of this one and such a pretty pink shade. Like the blue it was better once I'd applied the second coat.

Neon Nights is an in your face bright Orange, very highly pigmented and just so juicy looking.

Finally Creme De La Creme from the Gel Pro Kit. A perfect nude shade, that almost matches my skin tone.

Each of these are perfect creme gel polishes, with a smooth self leveling application, quick during time and super super glossy. Check out my Instagram to see me peel off Shake Your Beach Bum. I used my peel off base because I have dipped powder nails, soaking these gels off would have removed that too. But in no way does wearing a peel off base affect how long you can wear these gels, as until you release them they will stay put.
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Friday, 15 September 2017

Charlies Nail Art

Palm Tree Water Decals 

Well here we are guys, another week over. I couldn't believe it the other day when I saw Christmas bits in the shops already! I mean really, we haven't even had Halloween yet!
I'm not ready to let go of Summer just yet, I love the warm weather and we really don't get enough here in the UK. So these water decals from Charlies Nail Art are just perfect.
This is a full decal sheet of Palm Tree's and flying birds with a sky backing. This type of water decal you can cut for the exact size of your nails, or just a part, making it so versatile. All this for only 99p!
I only painted my nails with base coat. No colour polish is needed. They are slightly thicker, but not too much that makes it noticeable. As I wear a lot of water decals I was able to tell. The good thing with this is I was able to gently stretch to smooth over my nails that are curved. About 20/30 seconds in water and they slide off the backing. Enough slid to position into place.

Clean up was easy with my clean up brush and acetone,  then top coated to add a lovely glossy finish and protect the wrap from peeling or lifting.
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Have a great day, stay safe and much love...

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Nicole Diary

Loose Nail Glitter

A bit of a long post today so I'll get right into it. A while ago I reviewed some items for Nicole Diary and I contacted them again and was sent a lovely parcel of goodies to review. This post is slightly different to my usual, as what I tried out first is so lovely I had to show you them all rather than drag it out over a few weeks!
I have a set of 12 Nail Glitters that can be used in so many different ways.
So for my review I have used the first 2 on my nails and the other 10 on swatch sticks. Each pot comes with a sponge tip applicator, but I found a brush easier to apply these glitters over a colour polish using a wet topcoat. So grab a drink and take a look at my photos.....
 Shade 1.

 Shade 2.

Shade 3.

Shade 4.

 Shade 5.

 Shade 6.

 Shade 7.

 Shade 8.

 Shade 9.

 Shade 10.

 Shade 11.

 Shade 12.

So as you can see you can get great full nail coverage with all of these glitters. A beautiful rainbow of colours. For a more textured feel you can leave out applying a final layer of topcoat. I like that there's a nice mix of micro and tiny glitters in each pot, it helps add to the final effect you get on your nails.
Excuse my own made swatching sticks, but here's how they all look together...

These can be used to add the right amount of sparkle to any mani, not just full nail coverage, unless you fancy a complete bling look! Facebook and Instagram is where you can check out Nicole Diary, and you can also find them over on Amazon.com and
Stay safe and much love....