Friday, 21 October 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

3D Basket Ball Nails

Yay it's Friday! Boo for the weeks going too quick, but it's school half term next week and I'm so looking forward to no early mornings lol.
I'm happy with how this mani came out, and I had to search Google for inspiration, so part of this mani is thanks to Hotpinkzebrapolish on YouTube. 
These 3D Basket Balls are very detailed, and you get 2 charms for just 29p! 
They have a flat back, and still stuck firmly to my nail. I freehand painted the basket ball net and the 2 players. Was a bit tricky, and took me a couple of attempts. Stuck the charm to my nail with a blob of topcoat.

Such a fun mani, and perfect for a sports day, party of to support you favourite team. Use my discount code below to receive 15% off your order on Charlies Nail Art Website.
And take a look at their FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep up to date with all the wonderful items they stock at fabulous prices.
Stay safe and much love...

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Moyou Nails

Square Stamping Plates

Well it's been a while since I've stamped with Moyou Nails plates. But the different looks I've created with 2 Square Stamping Plates, reminded me just how amazing they are! Plate 414 and 437 from Moyou Nails are both equally pretty.

414 is a must for a butterfly lover, and 437 has a great mix of images that are perfect for the whole year. With the help of a clear stamper, even those with longer nails like myself can still use these design, by double stamping. 
Onto my nails, 5 mani's using both of these plates.

I stamped multiple butterflies and made decals, they pop of my sparkle base and look so pretty.

Using the only floral image on 414 I used Moyou Nails Dark Blue polish and stamped the design many times on each nail, the clear stamper came in handy for this!

This mixed animal print from.plate 437 looks super gorgeous over my white, Orange and gold glitter gel swirl base.

Made rainbow decals painting diagonally on this triangle design.

And lastly this image reminds me of bubbles, and looks perfect over my dark blue base colour.
Overall these plates can be used to make a multitude of pretty stamped nails. All stamped using Moyou Nails polishes and clear stamper.
My discount code is below...
You can find Moyou Nails over on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Stay safe and much love....

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

What's up Nails Review

Halloween Nail Vinyls 

Hi guys, hope life is treating you good. With Halloween not that far away now, I'm here with some more nail vinyls from What's up Nails. Not everyone likes spiders, but they really don't bother me, these these Web and spider vinyls are super cute.

I applied a black to grey thermal gel polish and stuck these Vinyls to my nails, working on one nail at a time. I used normal black polish, and removed the Vinyl straight away. The finished look when the thermal change in this polish makes this mani that little bit more spookier.

Check out my Instagram video. These are amazing quality vinyls and you can see the full collection and much more on their web site. You can also find them over on 
Till next time, stay safe and much love...

Monday, 17 October 2016

Vice Nails

Gel Polishes 

Hello, Hello! Today my post is a review for Vice Nails, a new rebranded company that reopened at the beginning of October. They have a nice collection of gel polishes, including a top and base coat. The top coat is a no wipe one, which means also great for using with chrome and holographic pigments!

I have 5 colours to share with you, they apply really nicely and cure very quickly to a high gloss finish. 
Such a beautiful set of colours and finishes, I really love the shimmer some of these gels has, it truly adds to the beautiful finish.
The curing time was only 30 seconds in my LED lamp, and even without topcoat they had a shiny finish. All great coverage with the first coat, and swatched here with 2 coats, plus the no wipe top coat.
You can find Vice Nails on Facebook, why not give them a like while your there.
Have you tried any of these gel polishes?
Stay safe and much love...

VB Line Gel Polishes

Glitter and Creme

Well here I am with my final bunch of VB Line gel polishes. In this post I have the last of the glitters, that are simply stunning and some gorgeous cremes, including a few in your face neon shades.
430 Ocean Blue Glitter. 
856 Purple Plum Silver Glitter.
589 Light Orange Yellow Glitter.
858 Dark Brown Silver Glitter.
580 Transparent Silver Glitter.
427 Purple Plum Glitter.
626 Grey Silver Glitter.
1245 Transparent Silver Glitter.
598 Green Gold Glitter.
963 Brown Green Gold Glitter.
594 Burgundy Brown Metallic.
873 Pink Light Rose.
1077 Hot Pink Light Neon.
686 Ocean Blue Summer.
1082 Hot Pink Dark Rose.
As you can see this last bunch is a lovely mix of both colour and finish and creme, glitter and shimmers. The names might get a bit repetitive, but in no way does that affect how awesome these polishes are. There are 254 to choose from, so definately something for everyone, whatever colour or finish your looking for, VB Line is sure to have it!
Great and friendly customer service, fast delivery and worldwide shipping. As well as these gel polishes you can also buy Base and top coats and even if you've never tried gel polish before, why not treat yourself to a Starter kit. They have many you can choose from to suit your needs.
I cannot recommend these gels enough. The best I've ever used. Low to no odour, fast curing time, UV and LED and apply just like a regular nail polish. Super glossy finish, and very wearable. This is my Cindy hand after 2 weeks, you can see the growth on my nails, but not a single chip in the gel!!

Why not treat yourself and use my discount code above! and is were you can find these polishes. Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram are all the places you need to keep up to date with VB Line, why not give them a like or follow while your there.
I hope you enjoyed these posts, thank you so much for stopping by.
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