Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Kaz Creations

Poppy Nails

I absolutely love water decals and the selection of fabulous designs from cartoon characters to awareness ribbons, world flags and flowers all from Kaz Creations are just perfect.
With the 75th anniversary of D Day just recently, these Poppy water decals seemed so fitting to review and wear.
The packaging is super cute and the sheet of debals is packed full of different poppy designs. There is no protective film on these decals, and you need to cut around each decal as close as possible.
They are on a clear base and look absolutely stunning over a white base.
They don't need long in water, and have enough slide for perfect placement.
All the designs work well and such a fitting tribute. Sealed with a glossy top coat.
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Stay safe and much love....

Monday, 17 June 2019

Born Pretty Store

Nicole Diary Stamping 

Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was better than last weeks, kids are all better and the norovirus has left the building!
Today I have a very fun plate indeed from Born Pretty Store, a Nicole Diary stamping plate item number 46444 and it's sort of sci fi meets mysterious. 
There is definitely a magical vibe about the images on this plate, that I opted for an almost galaxy base, made using multiple holographic and flakie pigments from Born Pretty.
Then stamping in white as I think black would have been too dark. Silver would have looked nice too.
A different image for each nail and if I'm honest I do like how this looks, but I feel I could have possibly scraped the polish over the image a few times as it looks too strong and takes away from the base. Maybe it's me just being picky!
But a fabulous plate either way. You can use my discount code BABX31 over on the Born Pretty Store website.
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Stay safe and much love....

Friday, 14 June 2019

Charlies Nail Art

Tropical Flowers 

I am so glad it's Friday, after a week of kids being ill and running around doing everything, I need the weekend to take time for myself!
Today for Charlies Nail Art I have another floral mani, but this time using some beautiful and detailed nail wraps. 
Moana Tropical Flowers are individual decals with a Summery Tropical feel.
A nice mix of bright colourful flowers and leaves on a white base. They are only 89p.
My nails were already painted with a white base colour, and you can see these wraps looks so beautiful.
I just couldn't decide on what finish..matte or glossy..
There are so many new and beautiful items over on the Charlies Nail Art website, why not take a look and treat yourself. Fabulous prices, fast delivery and fantastic customer service. Plus you can use my discount code BNM15 too!
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are the others places to find Charlies Nail Art.
Stay safe and much love.....

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Beauty Big Bang

Flower Stamping 

Hey all, well it's been a while since I've posted a review for Beauty Big Bang. That's because my parcel was posted to the wrong address and they decided to keep it! I have no way of finding out where it's gone and my Postal Office is just plain useless! Anyway Maggie was very understanding and kindly resent the items, though one was still missing. 
So today I have created 3 looks using a very pretty Floral Stamping Plate bbb-020.
I'm also trying out these two top coats.
Fast Dry and Matte. Both are 9ml bottles

The first look I used the middle image over a rainbow smooshy base. And finished with the matte top coat. Feels weird painting shorter nails lol.

Next up I stamped in blue over white with the 2 single flower images.
Not sure how fast the fast dry topcost actually dried, but I was worried it would smear the stamoing. It didn't seem to, and just love how this look has a Chinese feel to it.
Finally this delicate white stamping over a pink base.
The matte top coat didn't smudge the stamping either, not sure if its cos I floated it over, but happy with both polishes.
The plate is etched well and some super pretty images.
You can use my discount code TRAB10 over on the Beauty Big Bang website, and if it's used 6 times then Beauty Big Bang will kindly host a giveaway with me on IG. You can pay via credit card and PayPal with free worldwide shipping.
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Stay safe and much love.....

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Born Pretty Store

Thermal Glitter Polish

I have the first of 3 thermal glitter polishes from Born Pretty Store. They are a tri thermal holographic glitter and so pretty.
Just a quick-ish post as I now have 2 poorly children! Oh and I slightly shortened my nails on both hands, I love them long, but they were getting a bit too long lol.
The first shade is called Sweet Morning.
It looks silver when first applied and rather sheer in appearance.
I applied 3 thin coats and it does look super pretty. It was super hard however for me to get the tri thermal to show like the pic over on the Born Pretty Store website.
I would see a hint of purple, and you can check out my quick video on Instagram.

Hopefully I'll have more luck with the next 2 colours in the collection, though they are very gorgeous polishes.
You can find Born Pretty over on Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter.
Plus use my discount code BABX31 over on their website should you make an order.
Stay safe and much love....

Monday, 10 June 2019

Rossi Nails

Glam Dip Powder 

Hey all, I hope your weekend was better than mine! My poor 14 year old daughter woke me early hours Saturday morning saying she felt ill, and has been sick many times. Dam sickness bugs! I'm keeping her off school for a few days as it's really knocked the stuffing out of her.. 
Anyway for my review today I have some new items from a company called Rossi Nails.
I was kindly sent some of their dip powder, which they call Glam Powder, plus 3 of the 5 bottles of dip powder liquids.
If you check out my video review, you'll see everything I received. 
But for this review I used 2 of the glam dip powders.
This gorgeous pink is called Flamingo, the other may look white but is actually Clear.
As for the liquids, there are bottles numbered 1 to 5. You don't necessarily need number 1 and 5, as these are the 1 Primer and 5 Brush Saver. For me personally I've found even if I dont wear the primer the dip mani still lasts well, and if you clean the brushes you don't need the brush saver. It's all down to careful application. The bottles I received are the Essentials Starter Kit, which are 2 Base, 3 Activator and 4 Top.
So onto how this pink looks. Its absolutely stunning and so pretty. I dipped twice into the pink and once in the clear, then buffed smooth before adding the top, which gives a gel like glossy finish.
If you've followed me for a while, you'll know I just love dip powders, and been wearing them for the past 2 years. Great to protect the length of your nails, and really helped mine after my awful allergic reaction to gel.
The application is so easy, just prep your nails, apply base and dip, base and dip, base and clear, activate, buff smooth, activate then top.
These dip powders are just fabulous, nice size pots with 18g of powder, and the liquids are 15ml bottles.

You can also find, follow and like Rossi Nails on Facebook and Instagram.
I'll be here again soon with another 2 colours, till then stay safe and much love.....

Friday, 7 June 2019

Charlies Nail Art

Dried Flowers 

Hello again, hope you didn't miss me too much yesterday! I took a day off due to my back, but feeling much better after a day of doing next to nothing. 
I'm also here with the start of some new items from Charlies Nail Art.
If you love dried flowers then you'll love this Dried Flower selection pack that has 8 small flowers (2 of each colour) and 4 leaf stems.
They cost £1.79 and each comes in their own little bag. It's nice to get a mix of flowers and leaves.
I was undecided whether to encapsulate in dip powder, but chose to just place over the top of each nail.
I stuck each flower to my nails when I applied the matte top coat, gently pressing them down to adhere to the polish. No top coat.
I then added a topcoat, but honestly preferred it without, plus my choice of topcoat also took the colour from the red flowers!
A fun item to have, especially with (hopefully) Summer on the way. These would look great for a summer party/bbq or picnic.
As always my discount code BNM15 is there for you to use over on the Charlies Nail Art website and keep up to date with them on
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Stay safe and much love....