Friday, 15 December 2017

Charlies Nail Art review

Reindeer Jumper Nails

Friday at last, and I'm so looking forward to the weekend. My last lazy one before the big day! I'm sure you are all aware the Friday is my Charlies Nail Art review day, and the stunning amount of different nail art items they stock is amazing, definately something for everyone, with fast delivery and fantastic customer service and great prices.
Today I have 2 Gold reindeer diamante charms that are only 59p and measure 7mm x 10mm.
You can wear one or both of these charms, they also have a slightly curved back so they fit snuggly on your nails, and you can create many looks too. For mine I went with a Christmas jumper look, and stamped a plain design in white over red nails and a green accent nail. Then with topcoat I stuck these charms, one each over a red and green nail.

I really like how they give a 3D look to these jumper inspired nails. They adhered well with just topcoat and made a plain mani come alive and perfect for the cold festive season.
Please use my discount code BNM15 to receive 15% off your order, and see here for all delivery info for UK and Worldwide.
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Stay safe and much love....

Thursday, 14 December 2017

IZ beauty of London.

Belle of the Ball

I'm feeling a bit better today, and can you believe it's a year to the day when my allergic reaction to gel polish began! There's me thinking it would take forever for my nails to recover, and how fast had time gone!
Anyway today I have 3 beautiful satin chrome polishes from IZ beauty of London. You can buy these polishes separately for £6.00 each or in a lovely gift set that includes Get Plumped topcoat for £20.00.
Belle of the Ball polishes come in cute square 6ml bottles with a large brush which helps making application so clean and easy.
So to my swatches,
Mirror Ball is a satin chrome silver. Could be a one coater, but I did 2 and the Plumpy topcoat.
Pink Fizz is a stunning dusky pink and  this one was swatches with 1 coat and the Plumpy topcoat
Ball Gown is a gorgeous rose gold, again swatches with only 1 coat, and no top coat this time so you could hopefully seen the satin chrome finish.
These 3 are super pigmented and applied so smoothly, brush strokes seemed to go as they dried, and a quickish drying time too. Another good thing with this type is polish is they stamp perfectly, below you can see my Christmas mani over black using this trio.

Even if you purchased these just for stamping, they are a great trip to have, and would make a perfect Christmas gift for someone too.
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Join me soon for another gift set of beautiful gel effect polishes.
Stay safe and much love....

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Nicole Diary

Candy Cane Stamping

Still not feeling that great today, and I know full well it's to do with the cold weather, that's why I'm a summer person!
Keeping myself busy for a few hours doing nails then lay on the sofa and watch Christmas movies.
For Nicole Diary's next square stamping plate I have done two totally different looks, one Candy Cane inspired and the other Unicorn inspired.
Four full nail images on this plate that can be used for reverse stamped decals and a nice size image. Both my looks were made with the top 2 designs.
Reverse stamped candy cane swirls with an added holo topcoat.
These spirals and clouds made me think of unicorns so I made a pastel rainbow gradient and stamped with black.
You can see how well these images pick up and stamp and another great plate for a stamperholics collection.
You can find Nicole Diary over on and Aliexpress.
Stay safe and much love.....

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Rainbow Stars

Hi guys, I'm gonna make this post short and sweet as sadly I'm not feeling too great, but still need to catch on a few reviews. So following on from yesterday's New Year look, I have another this time using full nail water decals from Milvart. 
This design could be used at any time of the year, but for me personally would be perfect for New Year. Again these have a transparent colour and pop over a white base. The curved parts are great for placement around the cuticle area for less clean up. Top coat to protect and give a nice shiny finish.

You can find Milvart over on Facebook and
Stay safe and much love....

Monday, 11 December 2017

Born Pretty Store

New Year Stamping 

Well how was your weekend? We finally had snow yesterday, not that I like snow in any way shape or form! Unless I'm looking out at how pretty it makes things look. 
Today for my Born Pretty Store review I have 3 items that all work together, a stamping polish, plate and clear stamper.
Although this plate is more for New Year, it can be used at different times of the year too.
BP 184 is a round plate with four outer images and on centre image. The polish is in shade 02 and is a Chameleon Stamping polish. Finally this cute clear stamper is number 6 and has a blur blue and white marble decorated handle and protective lid marked with the Born Pretty logo.
So onto my nails, I thought this colour polish would look awesome over black, and it does, I just didn't realise how hard it would be to photograph!!
You can check out my video to see how these 3 items work well together, and how crisp the images pick up, the stamper didn't need any priming too..

I love how this Chameleon Polish looks over black, and it would also look stunning over a lighter shade to. The images in the plate are all perfect and a great size even for my nail length! And the stamper is squishy but not too soft with a nice clear size stamper. You need hardly any pressure when taking the image from the plate, and even the smallest detail image is picked up.
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Stay safe and much love.....

Friday, 8 December 2017

Charlies Nail Art review

Winter Scene Nails

Hi there and am I glad it's Friday! This week has gone super fast that it's all a blur... where us mum's get the energy from to be on the go non stop from early morning to late at night I never know!! So a big shout out to all mum's 😊
Now there's one special seasonal look that I love on nails at this time of year. A winter or Christmas scene is just so pretty.  So when I saw these Christmas Tree decals I knew exactly what I wanted to try with them.
These decals are from Charlies Nail Art and you get a cute baggie of about 30 decals for 49p. They are green on both sides and measure 7mm x 7mm.
I've also paired these from some water decals from Charlies Nail Art which you can find here.
I made a dark blue, blue and white gradient and added a glitter hill for some extra twinkle as my base. With white acrylic paint i made a snowy look at the tip of each nail. The rocking horse and snowman are from the water decals. Placing the Christmas Trees on with top coat, and cut one in half to add more detail. Then with white acrylic paint I carefully added tiny dots to create snow on the trees, to give that winter feel. A few dots for snow and tiny brown trunk I was finished.

I absolutely love this mani. And nice to know you can add extra detail on these decals as well as wear them as they are. Such a nice size decal that adhered well with just topcoat.
As always my discount code is available for you to use over on Charlies Nail Art website and you can see them over on Facebook,
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What is you're favourite seasonal mani? Let me know in the comments ♡
Stay safe and much love....

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Beauty Big Bang

Pink Rhinestones 

Can you believe another week is almost over! The kittens are growing fast, the house is finally decorated for Christmas with the tree out of reach of curious fur babies! 
Now off of the seasonal topic I have some gorgeous pink rhinestones from Beauty Big Bang that come in allsorted sizes in a cute pot.
Now I love items like this and these Pink ab Rhinestones are so pretty.
Another look I like with rhinestones is over pigment nails, so I applied Aurora Unicorn Pigment over pink polish and added different size stones to each nail, with matching colour microbeads when I top coated. I just love how this mani looks :)

These shades of pink complimenteach other so beautifully, and such an elegant look.
My discount code is available for you to use over on the Beauty Big Bang website and payment by PayPal or credit card with free worldwide shipping.
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Stay safe and much love.....