Monday, 27 March 2017

New Polishes

A England 

Well hello there! Something different for the start of a new week. I'm here with some more new polishes. Yes I had a bit of a splurge, and still waiting on 15 more! Well after a no buy for over a year, and my allergic reaction I fancied treating myself, and today's swatches are my first polishes from A England, thanks to The Outlet on their website. So these beauties were a complete bargain. 
Heathcliff is my first swatch. A black polish filled with tons of rainbow sparkles. A slight texture even with topcoat, but nothing to rough.

Sparks Divine is next and a beautiful sandy coloured polish with a slight holo effect that looked simply stunning in the sun!

Jane Eyre is a rich deep shade with just the right amount of shimmer. This shade is definately vampy and I love it :)

Lastly my favourite colour. Order of the Garter is the most prettiest shade of blue. Again another shimmer and this one was slightly more sheer than the rest and took 3 thin coats, but still super pretty.

All so beautiful and equally stunning polishes. I bought 8 in total and so happy with my purchase.
I've also been looking at my pics and slightly annoyed that with the reaction on my cindy hand. Although it has almost completely healed my skin looks different in every pic and I feel this lets down my posts. So I'm going to be working on sorting this out and making every pic look much better.
Thank you for your continued support and as always stay safe and much love....

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Born Pretty Store

Harunouta L045

With unicorns being so popular right now, this Harunouta plate from Born Pretty Store is just perfect. Any unicorn enthusiast should so get this plate! L045 is full of super sweet singular and full nail designs. 
Just look how cute these images are! So for my mani made a pastel blue to purple gradient. On my clear stampers, I stamped various images and coloured them in making reverse stamped decals. Applied to my nails and finished with a matte top coat.

I really wasn't expecting to love this mani as much as I do! So colourful and magical and looks perfect with a matte finish.
But then the sun came out so I added a holo topcoat using Born Pretty Silver holographic, the effect for these unicorns is simply stunning.
I really like this plate, and had no problems with picking the images as each design is etched well. I'm so gonna be using this again as with this amount of designs every mani man can look completely different.
If you head over the Born Pretty Store website be sure to use my discount code above, and check them out on Facebook,
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Have a great weekend, stay safe and much love....

Friday, 24 March 2017

Charlies Nail Art

3D Nail Art 

Hi guys another Friday and my next review for Charlies Nail Art. I'm so excited as an ambassador to be sharing this mani with you, as I absolutely love it! Plus the new season of F1 starts this weekend :)
So I have these beautiful 3D Roses that come in 7 different colours for 29p, and measure 10mm with a flat back. I have the red roses and they are very pretty. 
To my mani, I painted 2 nails with a red holographic polish, and 2 nails with a shimmer white textured polish. To the white nails I added stamped roses and leaves, then applied the gem with topcoat. As it has a flat back, it stuck well to my nail. Finished with a glossy topcoat.

Then added a matte top coat just to the full rose nail.

I personally think the matte makes the stamped roses appear somewhat raised, but love both finishes.
These gems are very detailed and would be great for a special mani or a night out.
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Have a great weekend, stay safe and much love....

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Born Pretty Store

Matte Topcoat 

Hi guys and I'm back with another review for Born Pretty Store. Today I have their matte/full polish. It comes in a 15ml frosted glass bottle and if your like me looking for a perfect matte finish is everything. Not waxy looking, just pure matte.
This Polish is just super, I couldn't notice an over powering smell, and it dried pretty quick to an awesome matte finish. If you remember my magnetic gradient from yesterday, just look at it now...
For my actual mani with this polish, I started with a black base. I mean matte black is sexy lol. But for a different look, I did matte dots over a glossy topcoat, and the opposite as an accent nail.

This is the best matte polish I've tried! And if recommend it if you haven't tried it for yourselves. Use my discount code below to receive 10% off your order.
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Stay safe and much love...

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

New Polishes

Magnetic Polish

After a day of cleaning the house from top to bottom yesterday I'm back in full swing of blog posts :) and before I start my reviews again I wanted to do another quick post on more of the new polishes I recently treated myself too. This little lot was a complete bargain from eBay.
I'm trying to find regular polishes to replace the lovely gels I had but can no longer use. Magnetic Polish has taken a back seat, but is super pretty and I'm hoping makes a comeback! I mean how awesome is this colour...

Then using the silver and taping my skin to save on clean up I made a magnetic gradient.

Sadly the magnet look was super hard to capture in a photo, but what a great base for stamping over. And super pretty as it is.
Well that was fun, and now on with my reviews, so I'll see you again tomorrow.
Stay safe and much love...

Monday, 20 March 2017

New Polish and Plates

Nail Stamping

Hey guys, how was your weekend? My son's birthday was on Saturday so all the family came over and it was a fun time :)
Back to normality today and in this post I'm sharing a new Moyra stamping plate and a few new polishes I have purchased recently.
Moyra Florality 2 is a beautiful stamping plate with so many pretty images to choose from. For my 2 mani's I was inspired by Ten Little Canvases, though as I can no longer use gel, I used foil glue and some very dodgy non dominant hand freehand. 
The base colour is Kiko Milano 479 Pearly Golden Sesame. 

I stamped the image with black polish and painted over some of the image with foil glue. Used gold foil when the glue had dried. I think a matte top coat looks perfect on this look.
Next up I painted 2 coats of A England Ascalon. Wonders what a stunner! To this I stamped with Kiko Milano 509 Metallic Rose Mauve. Stamped well and made such a delicate stamped mani.

Neither mani came out how I was expecting as I was really just having a play with my new goodies :)
More posts of my other new items coming soon.
Stay safe and much love...

Friday, 17 March 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Water Decals 

Hello all, I will start posting more very soon, but I'm now battling with a slight allergic reaction on my cindy hand. Not as bad as my swatching, but still annoying. I don't like doing it, but as I don't want to totally stop painting my nails, I have an app on my phone to air brush my fingers, just to remove the dodgy bits of dry skin. I in no way touch my nails, so what you see is exactly how they look. So this is the reason I'm not posting as much as I'd like, but another week and I reckon my cindy hand will be totally better :)
Anyway enough waffling and onto today's review for Charlies Nail Art.  I have today some water decals that are sized for your nails and in an awesome Skeleton design, for only 89p.
I really like how each decal has a different image yet they go so well together and great detail, making a scene across your nails. I carefully cut the ones I wanted and painted my nails with white polish. These decals didn't need long in water before sliding off the backing paper, and stuck nicely to my nails with enough slide for perfect placement. Clean up was easy with my clean up brush and acetone. Added a glossy topcoat and done!
Then I added a matte top coat and personally I like this finish better. What do you think?
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are all the places you need to keep up to date with Charlies Nail Art and why not use my discount code below to receive 15% off your order.
Would you like to win some goodies from Charlies Nail Art? Then head over to my IG @tbellew18  for my giveaway that's open Internationally: )
Stay safe and much love....