Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Born Pretty Store

Neon Dip Powder 

I have another dip powder today, this time from Born Pretty Store. I know I've been reviewing a few different dip powders just lately, but I absolutely love them, and though these Born Pretty pots are small, they are packed with powder and I can still dip my long nails!
A gorgeous bright pink with a subtle shimmer.
You can find this on Aliexpress and the 
Born Pretty Store item number 46667-7.
Doesn't look much in the pot, but just look once it's on my nails!
Almost has a jelly finish, and so pretty and vibrant. My bad as I only thought this was neon, I wasn't aware it was a fluorescent dip powder. But still extremely beautiful.
You can watch my video using this dip powder below.

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Stay safe and much love.....

Friday, 16 August 2019

Charlies Nail Art

Hawaiian Flower Decals 

How I love the warm sunny weather! I'm a summer person and sadly the season is slowly coming to an end. But these water decal, full nail wraps from Charlies Nail Art, are perfect for sunny days at the beach or a holiday. 
I have actually never left the UK, I don't even own a passport!
These Hawaiian Floral decals are just 89p and so cheerful and detailed. I painted my nails with a white base, although this is not needed. As my nails are on the long side lol I had to use the decals at different angles to fit, but they still look absolutely stunning. With most floral looks I prefer a matte finish.

You could also use these for a accent nail if you don't fancy a full set across your nails.
FacebookTwitter and Instagram are the best places to also find Charlies Nail Art. So many gorgeous items with great customer service and fast delivery.
Stay safe and much love....

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Nail Art UK

Purple Flower Decals 

Nail Art UK stocks many fabulous items from nail stickers, water decals to nail vinyls and stamping plates. Today I have some very pretty purple flower water decals.
The look I create was inspired by a picture I saw on the Nail Art UK instagram page, but instead of doing a solid base colour I did a gradient. 
These Purple Flowers come in different sizes, and I applied 3 to each nail as you will see below, and I finished with a matte top coat.

I actually received so many compliments while out getting some milk! I must admit I really do love how this looks. The purple flowers over my purple to white gradient and the matte finish is just perfect.
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Stay safe and much love.....

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

EC Cosmetics

Dip Powder  Colour Block 

Hi guys. I'm so lost with my days when my daughter is on school holidays! But how fast time is going, she'll be back at school soon!!
So today I have some more dip powders from EC Cosmetics on Aliexpress, these can also be purchased on their website. 
As I have 2 creme colours I wanted to do another colour block look, and picking a 3rd glitter dip also from EC Cosmetics I was ready to start.
Shade 64 is red, 48 pink and 90 holo silver glitter. You can find these dip powders and dip liquids on Aliexpress and EC Cosmetics.
So to my nails, you'll see from my photos exactly what I did, and if you like to watch my create this mani, my video will be at the end of this post.

Each of the colours work perfectly together and the added bling completes the look.

I love the glossy finish you get with the dip powder liquids, dipping your nails is so easy to do and there are many different ways to achieve different looks.
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Instagram and Twitter.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Born Pretty Store

Neon Stamping Polish 

Today I have a review for Born Pretty but instead of from their website the items are from Amazon. 
I've been doing lots of dip powder just lately as I do love it! But before I share those items with you, I have first 2 neon stamping polishes.
The pink is called Look Back and I stamped over white with BP L050.
This neon red stamps with a pink tone, again using BP L050. It's called Wondering.
I then wanted to see how these were at not only a base colour but for reverse stamping. So I painted 2 coats of Look Back as an accent and used both fmto colour in this rose image from plate BP L067.
Here you can see the actual neon red, and both shades look gorgeous together. I added some bling, as well....why not!
You can also find these polishes over on the Born Pretty Store website, Look Back item number 46659-5 and Wondering item number 46659-7. There are also other shades available.
So if you do get these from their website, please remember to use my discount code BABX31.
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Stay safe and much love....

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Nail Art UK

Glitter Butterfly Stickers 

I don't normally post of a weekend, but time got away from me! I'm really hoping for at least a few weeks of sunny weather, don't get me wrong it's still warmish but very windy.
Today for Nail Art UK I have some super pretty sparkly butterfly nail stickers. 
I applied these over a double stamped base, to make a trellis garden inspired look.
In person they look super pretty, just a shame my camera could not!!

If course over a white base would have shown them better, but that was too boring for me lol, but them simple looks can also be just as beautiful.
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Stay safe and much love....

Friday, 9 August 2019

Charlies Nail Art

Mermaid Pearl's

What a week! I've done so much yet it feels like I haven't... may be as yet again this weeks has flown past, and how I wish time would slow down, just a bit!
Anywho, I'm here with my regular review for Charlies Nail Art, and have some fun Mermaid Pearl's. You get 100 pearls in a resealable bag for 89p, and they measure 2mm to 6mm.
So what better look to create than an under water Mermaid inspired. I started off with a blue base to which I added some iridescent pigment, stamped the seaweed then added various size Pearl's in each blue and purple colour.

I applied them with my regular topcoat and they adhered nicely and completely finished this look. Wasnt entirely sure if I'd like it, but I can honestly say I absolutely love it plus got many compliments while food shopping!!
You can find these pearls and much much more over on the Charlies Nail Art website,  plus when you make an order please use my discount code BNM15.
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Stay safe and much love...