Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Milvart Review

Full Nail Water Decals

I'm super impressed with the full nail water decals from Milvart. They are so pretty and a unique mix of designs, both floral and even foil effects. You should really have a look at them. Some can only be used with a white base, but this is too make the decal look simply stunning on your nails. They adhere well, with enough slide for perfect placement. The clean up of any excess is easy with a clean up brush and acetone. 
So the 3 decals I have used for this post are all so different, yet all equally gorgeous. 
F94 is a super pretty arabesque gold foil decals. Any base colour would go well with this, but for a classy and elegant look I used a black polish.

The gold just looks striking, and just perfect. It didn't crinkle when I applied my glossy topcoat.
J107 is a mix of both gold foil and pretty flowers. Such an unusal looking water decal. These are shaped to fit the cuticle part of your nails.

Placement was easy, as the golden foil line helped me to place these straight on each nail. The glossy topcoat just make these look so special!
N857 is a design that reminds me of fine China, and you can't go wrong with a blue and white mani, and a matte top coat makes it look so realistic.

You can also find Milvart over on Facebook and Instagram. I'd recommend these water decals as they are the best full nail I've used, and a huge and stunning range of patterns.
Stay safe and much love....

Monday, 23 January 2017

Born Pretty Store

Paisley Water Decals 

So I'm here with my favourite type of water decals. I think that these black design decals on a clear backing are just fab, as you can wear them in so many ways. 
BPY 14 has 2 very detailed and pretty arabesque paisley designs. I also like how with these you get 2 different decals, and you can cut them to the sizes you need.
For my first mani, I painted my nails with a delicate light pink polish. Like most full nail decals there was some excess to clean up, but this was easy with my clean up brush and acetone. So simple yet utterly stunning.
For my second, I coloured in the designs. I first removed the decals from their backing and placed in a clean stamper. Once dry I carefully filled the paisley images, and left to dry again. No need to topcoat, just gently peel from the stamper and place onto nails. I use foil glue to stick to my nails. Clean up excess and finished with a matte top coat.
Over a white base I really like how these look. 2 totally different looking mani's, yet both equally beautiful.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are all the places you need to keep up to date with Born Pretty Store, and use my discount code to receive 10% from any order you make. 
As always, stay safe and much love...

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Moyou Nails Fashion

Square Stamping Plates 

Hello my lovlies! Moyou Nails rebranded as Moyou Nails Fashion last year, with a new and great looking website. They also released some new square stamping plates. Over the next few weeks, I'll be showing you a selection of these, and first up is a Pop Art plate from the Urban Collection.
479 is completely filled with a lovely selection of Pop Art words.
Just awesome right? Perfect for stamping directly onto your nails, or making stamping decals which is what I did. With a white base, I added some random sizes black dots then applied my stamped decals. Finished with a matte top coat.

Such a fun plate for any time, and the possibilities are endless.
Use my 20% discount code below if this plate or any you like takes your fancy.

And don't forget you can keep up to date with Moyou Nails Fashion on Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter.
Thanks for stopping by and till next time, stay safe and much love...

Friday, 20 January 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Neon Studs

Well here we are, the end of another week! I'm slowly getting used to painting with my non dominant hand. I mean although I used to paint my cindy hand, I never thought I'd have to rely on it as much as I do now! And I'm expecting to be ambidextrous and be able to do everything I can do with my dominant hand! But it will take some time and practise, which brings me nicely onto today's review for Charlies Nail Art.
I knew what I had planned for these 
Rectangle Neon Studs, which are 89p for 100 mixed colours measuring 5mm x 2mm.
With a matte black base, I used a matte top coat to apply these studs vertically on each nail in random colours. Placement was a bit tricky as I got the shakes lol, but this is my error nothing to do with these studs. I them added some glossy polka dots down either side.

They laid flat on each nail and adhered well, shame my shaky hand let me down. This is where the practise will make perfect with my non dominant hand. But a fun and colourful mani. These rectangular studs are perfect in both size and colours.
My 15% discount code is about and check out Charlies Nail Art on Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter.
That's all for today, stay safe and much love...

Thursday, 19 January 2017


Full Nail Water Decals 

Hi all! I'll get right into this post as I've previously told you all about these stunning water decals from Milvart. Again I have used another 3 for this review, each totally different yet all equally stunning. 

J86 is to me snake skin inspired, the added gold makes this water decal super lovely. To get the full effect this decal must be applied over a white base.

F67 is so messy looking, but a great graffiti look. Any base would look stunning with this decal. I chose a sparkly brown and love this finished mani.

F112 is one of my favourite types of decals as the possibilities are endless. You could have a solid base colour, carefully slide the decal from the backing and colour in the design before applying to your nails. Or like I have, make a rainbow gradient base. Absolutely love this one..

I truly can not express how awesome these water decals are. So unique and beautiful to use. A great and simple way to have super looking nails.
Milvart can be found on Facebook and
Instagram, why not give them a like or follow while your their.
Stay safe and much love...

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Born Pretty Store

Stamping Plate

Hey there, how you doing? Me, I'm good just super busy and impatiently waiting for the arrival of more tiny kittens! So anywho, my review today is in a retangular stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. This plate is a sewing/ dress inspired plate and had some cute singular and full nail images.
L-027 is a great plate for all.

I have created 3 different mani's, 2 making decals, which this plate is perfect for. Let's take a look...

Yes the full nail images are slightly small for my nails, I could have double stamped and joined the image, but as they have a tapered edge, I didn't feel the need to do this, and wear them knowing the image would fit all my nails completely. It's adds something to the finished look too.
A fun and cute plate that I'd definitely recommend.
My 10% discount code is below and be sure to check out Born Pretty on Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter.
 Stay safe and much love....

Monday, 16 January 2017

Milvart Review

Water Decals 

Hello lovlies and welcome to the start of a new week. Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing some very stunning water decals I was kindly sent to review from Milvart. These decals are $2.99 USD each and there is an amazing selection to choose from. Milvart are based in Russia, but the delivery was super speedy to the UK. 3 days and a tracking number so I could follow my parcel. On opening and seeing the decals is person, I was truly amazed how gorgeous they look. 
As you can see some super pretty designs. All on one sheet, but sectioned so you can cut them to size for each nail. They need next to no time in water, and stick quickly to your nails with enough slide for perfect placement.
Here are my 3 mani's with these full nail water decals.

I used 2 decals for acent nails, over a white base and complimented the look with black nails and gold polka dots.

These are so unusal, yet so stunning. The white and gold looks super pretty over my dark red base, an added teardrop rhinestone completes the look. And with these decals you could place them like I have or the opposite way round for a different look.

Finally, I absolutely love these marble type design. Such a unique look for nails and with a white base and a matte top coat, I never want to remove these!
The clean up was easy with my clean up brush and acetone, and topcoat to deal and protect the decals.
You can find Milvart over on Facebook and
Instagram. And be sure to check out their website so you can see these decals for yourself. I'll be here with another 3 decals very soon.
Stay safe and much love...