Tuesday 7 May 2013

Jesses Girl Nail Polish

Jesses Girl 

I have another lot of nail polish to show you lovely people. Jesses Girl, from my other favourite place Cosmetic Fairy. I'm not sure how available this nail polish is in the UK, possibly only online. But its very affordable at 65p for a 10ml bottle. For a range of bright, bold and beautiful colours. 

Nice to apply, swatched with one coat of polish. So good coverage. Would look nice with two coats, and thinking even adding a matte top coat to make something different, as the colours are so bold. Only a slight bit of streaking with the lighter colours, Mermaids Lagoon and Cupcake Frosting. Overall though, I would totally recommend these nail polishes. Not sure if there are other shades in this range, let me know what ones you have. 


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