Friday, 21 July 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Chocolate Donuts

Well I made it! Another year of school over, 6 weeks of early mornings as I know I'll still wake up early, but knowing I don't have to get up is just fab!!
So anyway back to this post for Charlies Nail Art. Today I have these yummy 3D Chocolate Donuts nail gems.
You get 2 very detailed donuts for 29p in brown or pink, and they measure 10mm round with a flat back.
For my base I made a chocolate cream swirl look by painting my nails with a dark brown polish, and while still wet adding blobs of a lighter brown polish and swirling them round with a pin. Once dry I top coated and placed the donut on my ring finger

The flat back help secure the donut firmly on my nail, and what a fun look for a party, or National Donut Day lol.
As always my discount code is here for you to use over on the new look Charlies Nail Art website, and FacebookInstagram and
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Have a great weekend.
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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Born Pretty Store

Chameleon Stone Small Beads Nails

Hi guys, just a quick post today for Born Pretty Store in these pretty small beads for Nail decoration. These are not like micro beads as they come in irregular shapes and sizes, and have a chameleon colour shift. 
 These Small stone beads come in a 4g pot and in 6 different colours. A great way to quickly jazz up a mani, and total bling. Super easy to apply to nails and can be used with regular nail polish and gel. Check out my video below to see how I used them.

They also don't have to be used for a full nail coverage, just a few placed on nails would still create a stunning effect. My discount code is below for you to use over the Born Pretty Store's new look website. If you haven't checked it out yet, head there now as it's amazing!
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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Beauty Big Bang

AB Rhinestones

Well hello there! A few years back I would have never worn rhinestones as I would have just picked them right off my nails! But now I just love them and this post for Beauty Big Bang I'm showing you all this pot of Transparent Diamond Rhinestones. They are only £1.99 and you get a large pot of flat back gems.

They are a nice size, super bling and very sparkly. To pair these with an appropriate mani, I first painted my nails white, did a pastel vertical gradient and added some mermaid pigment. These rhinestones stuck firm and stayed in place with topcoat, and we're just the perfect item to finish this elegant mani.

This look would be awesome for a wedding, the bride or bridesmaids nails would look stunning, elegant and delicate.
You can pay by credit card or PayPal over on the Beauty Big Bang website, and free worldwide shipping, plus don't forget to use my discount code above.
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are all the places you can check out Beauty Big Bang. They have some gorgeous items, and not just for nails..
Stay safe and much love......

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Water Decals 

Hi guys, I'm almost at the end of my reviews for Milvart. Their full nail water decals are the easiest and best I've ever used. Super easy to apply, and an awesome selection of designs, colours and finishes.
Today's two are both equally beautiful yet totally different. 
J 188 has a leather like black base with gorgeous gold foil roses. The detail is incredible. Applied over a white base, they are so pretty but my clean up sadly was lacking and I slightly ruined the finished look. This has nothing to do with these decals. It was all human error!

J 29 is a very elegant and colourful butterfly decal with added gold detail. A glossy topcoat really brought these to life. Such a perfect Summer mani.

If I have time I will try and fit the last 4 decals I have in a final post. Believe me when I say 2 of the final 4 are super lush water decals.
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Monday, 17 July 2017

Born Pretty Store

Metal Series Polishes

To start off a new week and the last week of school here in the UK, then a glorious 6 weeks of family fun with my kids plus more time to review and paint my nails!! 
I have 2 polishes from Born Pretty Store 
new Metal Series. There are 5 shades in this collection and the 2 I have are Dragons Knight and Icy Castle, a metallic gold and blue, although I did ask for the metallic pink from this collection, you can't have too many gold polishes that stamp!
These were both very pigmented and easily one coaters, which makes me think they will stamp. But for now my swatches. Dragons Knight is a very pretty shade of gold, but sadly clashes with my skin tone.

Two coats plus topcoat. Upon applying this polish you will notice brush lines, which can ruin the final look of any metallic polish. These however disappear as this polish dries. You will also need a completely smooth base as these metallics will show any imperfections.
Icy Castle is a beautiful blue, and applied exactly the same as the gold polish above. Swatched with 2 coats and topcoat and such a pretty smooth finish. You can see what I mean about the brush lines disappearing.

And so to see if they stamp. I did have a few problems to start with. But after some practice I managed to create this mani.
On my video you'll see exactly how well these Metal Series polishes stamp using my creative shop stamper.

My discount code is above for you all to use over on the Born Pretty Store Website, and you can keep up to date with them over on
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Have you tried these polishes, if so what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.
Stay safe and much love.. ..

Friday, 14 July 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Broken Glass Nails 

Well here we are again, and you believe it's Friday already! For my Charlies Nail Art Review today I have a gorgeous strip of Angel Paper, which is perfect for broken glass nails and so simple to use. Just cut into desired shape and stick into tacky polish or encase in acrylic or gel. There are 15 colours to chose from and each sheet measures 10cm x 4cm and costs only 49p.
So I have a very pretty green Angel paper, with a lush colour shift. Now if you encase this in acrylic or gel you'll be aware you will have a smooth feeling nail, but some problems when using Angel paper with regular polish can be parts sticking up. I tried something different when using this, and it worked perfectly. So I pre painted my nails with black polish, and cut many different size and shape triangles. Then I used foil glue, and when dried I carefully placed and stuck the tiny cut triangles to form a broken glass look. I found the tacky layer from the foil glue helped to stick the Angel paper flat to my nails. And two layers of top coat smoothed everything nicely.

How awesome does this look, and the colour shift is simply jaw dropping!! I used to stay away from nail decorations like this, but the foil glue worked a treat, so I'll sure be rocking this look again!!
If you haven't checked out Charlies Nail Art new look website, go take a look and treat yourself, don't forget to use my discount code BNM15 to receive 15% off your order.
Shipping Info can be found here, and you can keep up to date with Charlies Nail Art on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Beauty Big Bang

Holo Multi Chrome Holographic Flakies 

Hello again and welcome to part 2 of my reviews for Beauty Big Bang. As I mentioned yesterday I'm here with the next coloured holo multi chrome flaky pigment. 
Multi Chrome Holographic Flakies Shade 5 is a pinky/purple to gold multi chrome pigment again with a stunning holo flare in the sun. But sadly the sun wasn't playing out today in the UK. The application was exactly the same and you can see in my video below..

Under artificial lighting.

It's so nice to know that these Flakies can be used with regular nail polish, especiallyfor those who don't, or can't wear gel polish.
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You can pay by credit card or PayPal over on the Beauty Big Bang website, and use my discount TRAB10, as well as get free worldwide shipping over 1 item with delivery in 2-4 weeks tracked.
Stay safe and much love......

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Beauty Big Bang

Holo Multi Chrome Flakies

Hi all, I'm here with the first of 2 posts this week for Beauty Big Bang, sharing with you all some very spectacular holographic multi chrome flaky pigment.
Multi Chrome Holographic Flakies Shade 4 is the first flaky pigment I tried. There are 6 colours to choose from and costs £2.79 for a 0.2g pot. You can see it comes packaged well and nicely, and you get a sponge tipped applicator.

I have applied this over regular nail polish and you can watch the full application in my video below, but for now here are my photo's.. ..

Looks just stunning, and a perfect finish with nail polish. The hill was lush in the sun, and the multi chrome colour shift was more prominentin the shade. So am around perfect flaky pigment. This can also be applied over white polish, and used with gel and a no wipe topcoat.
You can pay by credit card or PayPal over on the Beauty Big Bang website, and get free worldwide shipping over 1 item, delivery takes 2-4 weeks.
TRAB10 is my 10% discount code for you all to use. FacebookInstagramTwitter and
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Join me tomorrow for the next holo multi chrome flaky pigment.
Till next time stay safe and much love....