Monday 20 May 2013

Collection 2000 Water Marble

Collection 2000 Water Marble

Just a quick post about Collection 2000, now known as Collection. My selection of Collection 2000 nail polishes came from Cosmetic Fairy. I bought them originally just for water marbling, but as my nail polish collection has grown, I never got round to trying them out, until today :) I chose six different colours, that complimented each other well, and tried two different water marbling patterns. This polish worked beautifully in the water. Spread really well, and didn't dry too quick. I'm very happy with the results. So take a look :)

Would love to hear what you think, or even if you've tried this polish for water marbling yourself :)


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  1. I have a how to on water marbled nails here f you'd like to check it out :)