Tuesday 1 November 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Graffiti Gel Nails

With more time just lately I'm able to do try some nail art that I've wanted to do for a while. This man was originally created by Naio Nails, and can be found on their YouTube channel. 
So I chose my gel polishes from VB Line.
811-Neon Pink Hot Rose. 
994-Neon Blue.
315-Light Plum Purple.
886-Summer Yellow.
975-Snow White.
Started out by painting 2 coats of white gel and a top coat, curing in between each coat. 
Using a thin liner brush, I painted lines of each colour from the top and bottom of each nail. Then with a clean liner brush, I gently and quickly brushed up and down the gel colours, using just the tip of the brush.

Just to blend the colours together to give a graffiti look. Cured and wiped the tacky residue. Still using a liner brush, and black acrylic paint, add more thin stripes, to give depth to this look, and carefully outline the whole nail, top coated and cured.

I love how the black detail brings this mani together, and how the colours blended together so well. Such a fun, bright and cheerful mani for these full gloomy days.
Stay safe and much love...


  1. I love everything about this!! So much fun!!

  2. You're just too amazing! I absolutely love this look!!!

  3. wow. WOW. I need to give this a shot. It is beautiful.

  4. Oooh that's super awesome! I love colorful manis.

  5. I love the bright colours against the touches of black!!

  6. loooove how these look! what an original idea!

  7. Love the rainbow nail art. It looks psychedelic!

  8. These are so neat! I have a couple of gel colors, but I've never tried nail art with them. I will have to give it a try now.

    1. You so should it's really easy and super pretty x

  9. Omg!! These turned out so amazing!