Friday 11 November 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Christmas sticker nail art 

I know it's a bit early for Christmas nails, but it gives you a chance to buy these stickers, plus any other seasonal item from Charlies Nail Art.
I'm also going to be quick with this post as it's been a horrible week and to top it off, our internet is down and waiting on a repair. So using my phone data to write this post!

These Glitter Stickers are super cute,  and I really like how they are different styles and sizes. For my nails I started with a black sparkly base polish and added a small amount of red glitter polish on the tips. The stickers peeled off the backing very easily and stuck well. Added some extra detail and top coated. What do you think?

Even though atm I'm not in a Christmasy mood, I do like this mani. Super cute and very sparkly. My discount code is below and you can keep up to date with Charlies Nail Art on Facebook, Instagram and

Stay safe and much love...


  1. I'm with Nichole. I'm not ready for Christmas at all, but these are cute!

  2. You had so much fun with these!! I'm not ready for Christmas, yet I really want to put my tree up!

    1. I'm really not ready or looking forward to Christmas this year!

  3. Super adorable, I love the touches of red near the tip too!

  4. Can't believe it's already christmas nail art time