Monday 21 November 2016

Born Pretty Store Review

Christmas Squishy Stamper

Hello and hope you had a great weekend. I'll get straight into this post as it's the start of another busy week for me. My next review for Born Pretty Store is with a new stamping plate and their new Christmas design soft squishy stamper.

 You also get 2 Winter themed scrapers. I love the sparkly stamper head and that it super soft, I can just press my nails into it!
You can find this stamper here.
The plate has some gorgeous etched images, some quite water marble looking and others of the optical illusion type.
I have done 3 different mani's and also a video for my first mani, so you can see how well this stamper works. No priming needed, just cleaned on my lint roller and it picked up the image from the plate like magic!!

Using Born Pretty Black stamping polish, this water marble design look awesome over my holographic base. Check out my video..

A simple monochrome look, yet a totally super image that sure does make your eyes go funny lol.

I made a graffiti gel base design, and love how this image looks over the rainbow of colours.
Such an amazing quality plate and absolutely love the stamper. It's sure my new go to stamper :)
Use my discount code below if you like these or any other items on Born Pretty Store website.
You can also keep up to date with them over on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. 
I'll have some more water decals for my third review coming soon.
Till then stay safe and much love....


  1. You had some fun with that plate and stamper!!

  2. Gorgeous looks, I just subbed to your YouTube channel! ❤️

  3. Great manis! I really love the first one you did!

  4. Their new stampers are fab! I think my favorite mani is your graffiti style one.

  5. It's a pretty stamper, but I'm not sure why they would go with a holiday theme for it. Obviously it is the holiday season, but I'd rather a shimmery one that I am happy to look at year round.

  6. Born Pretty has such amazing things

  7. That looks like a great stamper!