Saturday 19 November 2016

VB Kids

Peel off Polishes

A bit later than planned, but it's been a bit hectic here, my daughter's in the middle of getting braces and has 2 teeth out :( I cheered here up a bit by saying she could now have these kids polishes from VB Line, now I have finished swatching them. In case you missed my previous post, these polishes come in a set of 24 colours for £12.99 on VB Line's eBay page. You can see them here.











I am aware there are only 11 swatches here, as I was sent 2 of the same colour (018) by mistake. 
The only colour from this selection that cause me problem was 024 Grey, as it dries to a silver metallic, but again on kids shorter nail I would imagine it wouldn't be a problem. Again the peelable removal was nice and easy, I also found that 3 thinner coats worked better than 2 thicker ones. And one more thing, if you was to run our of a protective skin barrier when doing nail art yourself, say for example singing a gradient, these also work for that and don't stain your skin!!
I'll be starting work swatching the regular nail polishes next. Which would you like to see first, Candy, Glazy or Frosted Matte?
As always stay safe and much love...