Thursday 23 July 2015

Gradient Stamping

Pueen and MUA 

Happy Thursday to you all, first day of the Summer holidays and I thought I'd try a mani that's I've been wanting to try since I received my prize plates from Pueen. I did my nails with one of the plates as soon as I got them, but although they were pretty I wanted to try something with the same image. Pueen plate 109 from the new 24m collection and a white to pink gradient. 
So after painting my nails white and with liquid latex,  I made my gradient with these polishes from MUA. 

Leaving the liquid latex on, I stamped the petal/ruffle image with PrettyBlack Polish. Took of the latex and cleaned up the polish to make my nails look neater, topcoat and done!

This is one of my favourite plates from this collection, and I love how this looks with the gradient moving down each ruffle/petal. What do you think?
Stay safe and much love....


  1. This looks soo pretty!! And I think I need that plate :)