Saturday 18 July 2015

Vivien Kondor Neon Polishes

Neon Polish Review 

Hello all, I'm here with my long awaited Neon Polish review from Vivien Kondor. I purchased these polishes myself, as I have been seeing so many beautiful neon polishes just lately I wanted to treat myself, but was still on a budget. These polishes only cost me £8.99, and I've been waiting for better weather to swatch them. I admit I hadn't really heard of this brand before until I was scrolling through pages on ebay. 

There are 3 cream polishes and 3 pearly finish. All were swatched with a white base and no topcoat.
*photo heavy*

Neon Yellow

This was the only one coater of the 6 polishes. Application was nice and drying time was pretty quick. I'm not a yellow polish person, but this is so bright and I love it.

Neon Green

This glowed! A proper beautiful in your face green. Again green isn't normally a colour I wear, but this polish has converted me. Shown with 2 coats.

Neon Pink

I was expecting this to be a one coater, but took 2 to make the colour look perfect. It's my favourite from the bunch, a perfect neon pink that has an amazing glowing look
Now onto the pearly finishes, I will say although they are pretty colours in the bottle, they applied nicely, drying time was a bit longer and you can see brush lines. Again swatched with white undies and no topcoat.

Neon Tangerine  

A pretty orange polish, bright in appearance but I wouldn't say it's a true neon all the time, if that makes sense. Shown with 2 coats.

Neon Orange 

A weird polish this, as from its name it doest loom at all orange in the bottle. It's more a pinky/coral polish. I suppose in certain lighting I saw a glimpse of orange, still need to make my mind up on this one. Shown with 2 coats.

Neon Blue

Again a pretty shade if blue, but no neon looking, and this one was the worst for leaving brush lines! Shown with 2 coats.
All in all a nice set of neon polishes, but the 3 cream ones I'd have to say are the best from the 6. For neon looking and finish. I did try them for water marbling,  but sadly too thick a polish to spread in the water, and dried to quickly. Yet to see if they will stamp. I have a feeling the cream shades might.
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  1. Oh my gaaawd! A one coater neon yellow - I think you just found the Holy Grail Tracey x

    1. Me too! No streaks and smooth finish :)

  2. I'm really impressed with the neon yellow being a one coater!

  3. Great collection and swatches! it sure has been the summer of NEONS!

    1. Thank you, and it sure has. ' 2015 - the summer of neons' :)

  4. I definitely prefer the non-shimmer ones!

    1. Same, something about a pearly finish neon that don't sound right to me x

  5. I'm a huge fan of the cremes. So pretty!

  6. Beautiful swatches! I never heard of this brand before and the neons are gorgeous!

    1. A new brand to me as well. Thank you :)