Thursday 16 July 2015

Wiki'd Nail Challenge

Random Choice 

Hi lovelies, I'll get straight into this post as I'm behind on other posts as there's lots going on at my daughters school. For my random wiki choice I have chosen to do a galaxy mani inspired by the recent news on Pluto. 

I used The Edge Nails in Rome as my base. This is a gorgeous dark blue polish. I then sponged on MUA White Wash to make nebulas. To blend the white with the base colour I used MUA Ocean Blue. The lighter blue from Beauty UK I used over the white, the re added some patches of white. Added a few small tiny dots and top coated with Filthy Gorgeous Prism.

This is the second galaxy mani I've done, and I love it! The main hub page is where you can see all the Wiki inspired nails, and next week is the last ever one!! Hope you like this too.
Stay safe and much love...


  1. Whoaa these look so gorgeous. I always love a galaxy mani!

  2. Very nice!! Live galaxy manis

  3. Galaxy nails have always intrigued me. Nothing I could ever do, but I sure do love looking at them.

    1. Thank you. You should have a go it's so easy. X