Saturday, 4 June 2016

UberChic Stamping

My first UberChic Plates 

Hey all, I know I late on the band wagon but I recently purchased some new polishes and stamping plates. I now have some OPI, Essie and Orly Polishes and 5 plates from UberChic. I was inspired by Nailartstampingmania on instagram of a very pretty and delicate mani made using UberChic Paris in Love plate. So I just had to get this plate! But ended up buying the Succulents plate too aswell as Collection 1.
So my first mani was inspired by @nailartstampingmania.

I stamped with Moyou Nails White and filled in with my new pastel matte polishes. Although it looks pretty I wasn't entirely happy with it, so took it off and started again. I made a rainbow gradient with Moyou polishes and stamped the full flower image from the Succulents plate.

I really like images like this and much happier with this mani.
Have yourselves a great weekend. 
Stay safe and much love...