Saturday 25 June 2016

Soap Bubble Polish

Essence Effect Topcoat 

Hi all, just a quick post today on a new polish I purchased this morning from Essence. It's all called a Soap Bubble effect meaning when layered on top of another polish you get different shifts in colour. 
It was only £2 from Wilkinsons, plus I got a base coat and speed dry topcoat from the Essence range. I noticed they had a Metal range, but nothing too special and that I haven't already got. 
Anyway back to this Soap Bubble Polish.  I painted my nails black and topped with this polish.  The effect was noticeable right away.  A gorgeous purple shade, and the shift to blue, green and silver in certain lighting. 
Capturing this was hard, but here's my pics..

It would be interesting to see how this makes white polish and other colours look. Something I will be trying in the future. It dries quite quickly and leaves a smooth finish. Well worth £2!
Stay safe and much love....