Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Matte Polish

Rimmel vs Manhatten 

The other week I made a few polish purchases from Fragrance Direct, not that I need any more polish lol but I wanted to treat myself. I also have a thing for Matte polishes atm so the polishes I bought were perfect. 4 from Rimmel and 4 from Manhatten. 

Both sets are pretty pastel colours, the Rimmel I love Matte were 99p each, and the Manhatten Matt Effect were 50p each.
I've swatched each of these with 2 coats and no topcoat.
Rimmel I love Matte Cheeky Girl 

Rimmel I love Matte Cheeky Chap

Rimmel I love Matte Love Bug

Rimmel I love Matte You're Mine

These have a true matte finish and dried quickly, I admit at first I found applying these a problem, as they dried very streaky and the second coat didn't help to smooth out. So I tried again and found that quick light brush strokes worked better and gave a smoother finish. I love all the colours.
Manhatten Matt Effect 10M

Manhatten Matt Effect 20M

Manhatten Matt Effect 40M

Manhatten Matt Effect 50M

These were not as strong a matte finish but much easier to work with. Again a fairly quick drying time and pretty shades, though the green looked darker on my nails that in the bottle. But for 50p for an 11ml bottle I'm super happy and the Rimmel are 8ml bottles.
Do you like matte polishes?
Stay safe and much love...


  1. Such pretty colors! I love matte finishes but dont wear them often enough.

    1. Thank you, it's something about the smooth finish I really like x

  2. These look amazing! Great post!

  3. I wish matte polishes weren't so hard to work with. You swatched these beautifully. They look perfect.