Monday 11 June 2018

Vivien Kondor

Argon Oil Collection 

Monday already! Why do the weekends go so quick! I'll get right into this post as I have a few photo's to share with the next 5 polishes from the new Argon Oil Collection from Vivien Kondor. These polishes are 11ml, vegan friendly, cruelty free and contain Argon Oil from Morocco. There is a great range of colours (which I will be sharing with you over the coming weeks) and they are at a great price of £4.99.
The colours today are CL11 Black, CL12 Slate,
CL13 Grey, CL14 Shell and CL15 Dusky Rose. I state it now so I don't keep repeating myself, but all swatched with 2 coats and no topcoat so you can see the true beauty and finish of each shade. These are all creme polishes too.
Following on from CL10 white, this black is another great must have in your collection. So pigmented and applied like a dream. They are quick dry to the touch.

As promised in my first post with CL02 the matte top coat, here's how it looks over the black. As you can see a nice smooth finish.
Now this may also look black, but CL12 is a very deep dark grey. You can pick up on the shine when my flash went off. Again highly pigmented and so lovely to apply.

CL13 is a nice mid grey shade, and another one of the basic colours everyone should have!

Shell reminded me of a latte, but still a gorgeous nude colour and so refreshing.

Lastly Dusky Rose is a stunner, I think my favourite from these 5. A shade I didn't have (till now!) Definately has a pink undertone yet leans slightly brown.

These all seemed self leveling, dried quick to the touch and a dream to apply. If I have time with the next 5 I'll try and do a video, so you can see how easy the brush size helps apply these so easy and how pigmented they are, plus with the argon oil they are also good for your nails!
Use my discount code above if any of these colours take your fancy, and don't forget they not only deliver in the U.K. but worldwide too.
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Stay safe and much love ... .


  1. Those are pretty shades.Love your nails and swatches. :-)

  2. Great swatches! I'm into nudes lately and Shell is gorgeous!

  3. Love the mid grey! It reminds me of Rescue Beauty Lounge Stormy.

  4. The mid Grey is so nice! I love that shade for winter and fall!

  5. Oh, these are all really lovely!! The greys are especially nice!

  6. These are all great bases for nail art!