Thursday 14 June 2018

Born Pretty Store

Holographic Nail Foil

Let me first apologise for not coming at you with this review earlier, but I was waiting for the sun to reappear after some gloomy yet humid weather. 
So we have holographic polishes, holographic pigments and flakies well now Born Pretty Store have a full sheet of holographic nail foil.
It comes in a roll measuring 4cm x 120cm and comes in 4 colours, gold, silver, purple and the shade I have Rose Gold.
Item number #39981 and just look at the amazing rainbow sparkle.
I don't know what made me paint my nails black for this foil, maybe subconsciously I was think of pigment powders! As normally with foil you try the match your polish with the colour of the foil, so any parts that doesn't adhere to you nails won't notice as much. But anywho, with totally dry black polish and a thin layer of dried foil glue I pressed the foil onto each nail working one at a time.
In some spaces you can see the black peeping through, but all in all I'm super happy with the coverage. I must try this over a red polish just to see. I protected with a water based polish so not to wrinkle the foil. The holo twinkle is just amazing! Check out my quick video on IG.
As per my discount code is below for you all to use and don't forget to check out the new look bottles, they look stunning and I'm still waiting for mine to be delivered, unless it's been lost in shipping!
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Stay safe and much love......


  1. I love using these for little splashes of holo!

  2. Foils are so fun! These ones are really pretty!

  3. This is a gorgeous foil color! Need!

  4. I love foil nails, this is a stunning color on you!

  5. I have never used foil! It looks great on your nails.

  6. Wow, you made that foil look amazing!! I always struggle with applying them haha.

    1. I think it's down to the foil glue, as I find if I apply it too thick I struggle too x

  7. I love how the foil looks over the black!