Tuesday 3 April 2018

Models Own

Swatches and Marbling

Hope you had a nice holiday weekend and didn't eat too much chocolate! I went shopping with my daughter for new school shoes. I haven't been into town for ages and took advantage of this to look for new polishes. There aren't many places to find bargain polishes in the U.K. but when the Poundshops have them you have to grab them asap as they don't have many in stock, so it's like first come first serve!
I managed to get 5 Models Own from a few of their different collections. And have swatched 3 of them today.
Love Pink is from the Celestial Collection, and is a pearl finish baby pink. Shame they didn't have more from this collection as it's truly stunning. With a quick light application to minimize the brush strokes. Swatched here with 2 coats and no topcoat.

This is with topcoat.
The first from the Festival Collection is this bright shade called Green Fields. A very pigmented colour and a one coater, though I always do 2. I'm not normally a green polish person, but loved the look of this one. Again such a shame they didn't have more colours from this collection. But I'm sure you see now that when I said you have to grab the ones they have quickly.

Last but not least is this vibrant colour also from the Festival Collection called Blue Skies.
Again super pigmentation and and stunning creme polish.

I wish I lived closer to the poundshop I bought these from, just in case they had other colours, but who knows I may take a sneaky trip!!
Lastly, I know Models Own polishes water marble well, and I not only do I love water marbling, I haven't done one in ages. So using Green Fields and Blue Skies I create my final mani.

Check out my IG to see my quick video tutorial for this water marble. Yes I still use tape to protect my skin, as I found something in liquid latex spoils the water.
I'll have a separate post on the other 2 I purchased very soon.
Stay safe and much love....


  1. I was going to say the blue and green are so fun and bright and then I saw your watermarble. I'm dead. It looks amazing!

  2. That pink! Perfection! And your watermarble is awesome!

  3. What a lovely marble mani! Love those blue and green shades! <3

  4. I miss buying the UK brands. I love the models own that I have

    1. It's such a shame all brands aren't easily available worldwide x

  5. Not a fan of that frosty pink, but I really like the blue and green shades.

  6. You have mastered the art of the marble! Just, wow.