Wednesday 25 April 2018

Born Pretty Store

Dreamy Heaven Series 

Well hello there. Life as we know it is all back to normal at last! The past 3 months have been both a struggle and worry, and I can't believe how quickly it went by. 
So with normal routine resumed I'm here with the start of my next reviews for Born Pretty Store, and I'm starting with these 2 polishes from the Dreamy Heaven Series.
Sheer tint polishes that are perfect for leadlighting or if you want a delicate colour top coat. The red is DH01 Unfold Dreams and the purple is DH04 Ultra Volet.
You can see my first impressions on both colours and how I created this mani, plus how layering these polishes also builds the colour.
I used Born Pretty Store clear jelly stamper, black stamping polish and plate BP-132.

There are 4 colours in this collection, but the 2 I have are very pretty individually and together. 1 coat gives a soft tint of colour and so many ways you can use these to create a beautiful mani.
BABX31 is my 10% discount code and you can find Born Pretty Store over on Facebook,
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Stay safe and much love.....


  1. What is the formula like on these? I have the OPI Sheer Tints and they are so thick so I get tons of bubbling.

    1. Not thick at all, applied nice and thinly x

  2. The tints are nice, but I never really figured out how to use them!

  3. I love sheer tints! They are so versatile.

  4. I need to get some of those sheer tints. They are awesome.

    1. Great to know you can layer them for a deeper colour ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. Replies
    1. Yay, the same colours, or all of them? ๐Ÿ˜Š