Thursday 16 February 2017


Full Nail Water Decals 

As it's been a busy week I've only managed to wear another 2 beautiful and different full nail water decals from Milvart. But as these decals are super special I don't mind as it means I've got to wear them for a bit longer! 
Both of today's water decals are floral with gold foil. 
F98 is completely made with gold foil, and a very pretty open floral design meaning you can pair these with any colour base that compliments a gold colour. I went for the, with a gold accent nail and black rhinestones. They look so striking :)

J74 is really special. Pretty Pink blossom and gold foil swirls. A white base is needed for these as although they look opaque, They are slightly see through and needs the like coloured base to make them come to life. These decals only need a few seconds in water and slide easily off the backing. Here's is after placement..
Clean up is easy with acetone and a clean up brush. Look how they shine without a topcoat.
And with topcoat they are incredibly gorgeous. I may have said this before, but these are one of my favourites.

So quick and easy to use and a great way to get a very stunning mani, that's sure to get your nails noticed.
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I have 4 more left to show you, which I will split into another 2 reviews over the next few weeks.
Till then, stay safe and much love...


  1. I'm not normally a gold person, but I enjoy both of these quite a bit. They look so elegant on you!

    1. Thank you so much. I hear you though, some shades of gold clash with my skin tone c

  2. Oooh they're so beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen gold foil decals before.

  3. I totally love both of these decals!