Monday 6 February 2017

Born Pretty Store

Rectangular Stamping Plate

To start my week of reviews I'm here with 2 stamped mani's using a plate from Born Pretty Store. BP L054 has some super pretty large and small geometry images. Great mix of square and triangular designs, that can be made into decals.

From the simple monochrome look to my pink decals, this plate is just awesome and so versatile. 
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Till next time stay safe and much love....


  1. The matte versions are everything! I totally considered picking up that plate, but I had a hard time making up my mind. I think I will have to get it next time.

    1. Not normally one I'd choose but super pretty x

  2. I love all of these! Great job. I just reviewed a plate with similar designs on it and am loving it--I'm totally inspired by your creations now. :)

  3. I always love these designs in a black and white color scheme.

  4. I love the various designs on the plate!