Monday 13 February 2017

Born Pretty Store

Full Water Decal Tutorial

Why do the weekends go so fast? But a fun one with all the family :)
So to start my week of reviews I'm here with my next item from the Born Pretty Store. These full nail water decals are in one of my favourite designs as they are so versatile.
BPY 13 has 2 very pretty floral designs, that are on a clear backing. I've used the post not only to review these decals in 2 different ways, but to do 2 video tutorials.
First up is the normal way to use and wear water decals. I started with a white base which I added a sponged rainbow gradient. These decals look so pretty with the colours popping through.

Check my video...

Next up I used the decals the same way you would a reverse stamped decal. Placed in water and removed from the backing, then laid the wet decal on a clean stamper, smoothed and left to dry. Then coloured in the flowers and left to dry again, no topcoat needed. On my dry white base nails, I used some foil glue, then just stamped the decals into my nails.

Love that you can use this type of water decal in this way. Check out my video...

I also this the decals from Born Pretty are great value as you get 2 equally stunning but different images, that are a nice size for all lengths nails, super easy to apply and clean up.
My discount code is below and you can keep up to date with Born Pretty Store on
Stay safe and much love....


  1. I never think to use water decals with reverse stamping. It looks awesome but I might love the rainbow look more!

  2. The neon/rainbow flowers are my favorite. They really make the look pop!

  3. Your rainbow gradients are always so perfect!

  4. Great demonstration of how different techniques look with these! Love them both. :)

  5. I love the idea of using the water decals for reverse stamping. Ive used water decals for lead lighting but never reverse stamping.

  6. These look incredible, I love your video tutorials!