Monday 28 March 2016

Madam Glam Gel Polish

Rich Cornell 

Hello lovelies. Today is just a quick post on a surprise polish I received from Madam Glam. The gel polishes I have tried so far are stunning so I was excited to see this beautiful glitter/shimmer gel in the most gorgeous colour. I wouldn't say it red, more or a burnt orangey brown. I also received some foil soak off patches a nail file and cuticle stick.

Prepared nails as you do for gel polish application, then applied 2 coats of Dark Cornell curing for 30 seconds in between each coat.

Look at this amazing shine and such a beautiful colour,  the shimmer is awesome!
For the removal I buffed the shine from each nail and put some acetone on the white pad.

Wrapped around my finger and left for about 15 minutes.

On taking the foil off my finger the majority of the gel polish had come off, the rest I removed with a cotton pad and acetone. Not scraping so no damage to my natural nails. As I know it's hard to tell my my middle finger is patched due to a major nail catastrophe last week when I was too lazy to patch a tiny split and the whole tip came off!! I was able to stick it back on and file my nails shorter. It's holding very well :)

You can find Madam Glam over on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Have you tried their Gel polishes, let me know down below.
Stay safe and much love


  1. I love the shimmer in this polish!

  2. That color and shimmer is GORGEOUS!

  3. That gold shimmer is so perfect!

  4. That color is incredible! I love that the shimmer is so in your face.

  5. Wow...*_* Sooooowww beautiful! <3

  6. That red is so lovely on you. I'm hearing a lot of great things about Madam Glam and the fact you were able to remove it without scraping pretty much sells this brand for me. :-)

  7. The shimmer is absolutely amazing! I haven't tried any Gel polishes but I wouldn't mind giving them a go. Also I like your new banner for your website!

    1. Thank you ever so much for a lovely comment ♡

  8. The shimmer in this polish is so stunning

  9. That's gorgeous. I've used madam glam polishes and always loved them.