Sunday 20 March 2016

Madam Glam Gel Polish

Swatches and Review 

Hello again,  I've had such a busy week decorating that I had no time to paint my nails!  I also had a major nail catastrophe as I was too tired to patch a tiny split in one of nails, and ping off came the tip :( I rushed and stuck it back on to find it held perfectly and felt strong, so although I was prepared to go to nubbins, I just ended up filing some of the length. So for now all is ok. This 2nd review for Madam Glam was done before my nail accident. These 2 gel polishes are both stunning colours and the most gorgeous glossy finish. Also the first time I've tried a gelly gel polish. Electric Blue and Dark Magenta were both nice to apply and took 2 coats, curing in between each coat.
First up is Electric Blue....

This colour is just me, my all time favourite colour. Dark Magenta is a rich plum purple, with a blueish look, to me anyway lol but I suppose it depends on lighting and it was a very nice day here in the UK.

Still a very pretty colour and one I would definitely wear again. You can find both of these on the Madam Glam website who you can find over on
FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Have you tried Madam Glam Gel Polishes?
Till next time stay safe and much love...


  1. I love how shiny and squishy these look! Gorgeous colors!

  2. These are so vampy! Love them on you!

  3. Sowww Gorgeous! Love it! *_*

  4. This looks divine! I can't get enough of squishy jellies, particularly in dark shades.

  5. This looks so squishy!! I love it. I haven't tried any of their gel polishes but your swatches really make me want too!