Thursday 10 March 2016


Gel Polish Swatch and Review 

Hello all and I'm here with the next 2 gel polishes from Foxy21. You can find my first post with all the details on colours, about Foxy21 and prices here.
These two are standard colours in 15ml bottles, but you really can't go wrong with a simply gorgeous red and black polish. I mean all nail polish addicts need these colours!
I'll jump straight into this post, and first up the red, number 1343.
After applying and curing the base coat for 30 seconds, I applied a thin coat of this gel to each of my nails and cured again for 30 seconds under my led light. You could possibly get away with just one coat,  but I added a second curing for 30 seconds again. This polish alone has the most amazing glossy finish,  but I used the Foxy21 topcoat as it really does add an extra mirror finish shine. I cured the topcoat for 1 minute and wiped off the tacky residue.  Just look at the shine!

And a really vibrant shade of red. I love it!
Next to the Foxy21 black, number 1348. Again this polish was a dream to apply., using the same method as above. Now I do love glossy black long nails, and oh boy I wasn't disappointed. Just look...

What a stunner!
These gel polishes from Foxy21 are absolutely gorgeous to work with, the glossy finish and easy soak off removal. I would so recommend them to anyone who loves painting their nails as much as I do. As to the removal,  you can use the Foxy21 removal sachets, acetone and foil soak off method or a peel off base. Either way works which makes this polish get a 10 out of 10 for me.
Stay safe and much love...