Sunday 15 November 2015

Lady Queen Review

Christmas Full Nail Stickers 

Continuing with my reviews, I have another for Lady Queen. I loved the look of these Full nail Christmas Stickers. Super cute designs of Santa, reindeer and Christmas tree's. 

I did wonder at first if these were actually stickers as the packaging said different. 

I have 14 stickers, the photo above says 12 nail foils! And it wasn't until I looked at the stickers properly I noticed the writing on 2 of the is back to front!!
So I painted my nails white and waited for it to dry. The stickers peeled off the backing paper easily, however they did seem thicker than normal. Also the sizes were too big for my pinky, and just about fitted my thumb. I carried on none the less.

The clean up of the excess was harder than normal, I ended up using a nail file and scissors as acetone didn't do a thing. I couldn't get them to lay totally flat, but I do have a curve in my nails. Don't get me wrong they are very pretty, maybe could do with a bit more colour, but would be great for shorter, flatter nails.
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