Tuesday 17 November 2015

Lady Queen Review

Tartan Water Decals 

Hi all, hope you are all well. Super busy here with reviews, and I'm loving it! I really don't like days when I have no idea what to do on my nails. So onto today's review for Lady Queen. I chose some red tartan water decals to review, but sadly this wasn't in stock so I was sent an orange and blue one instead. 

These decals come in a range of different colours, take a look here to see.
I painted my nails with an orange base, as I had a feeling these decals wouldn't be completely opaque. Sized and cut to fit my nails.

Without flash 

With flash 
I really wasn't expecting these to suit my skin tone, but I think the blue details help combat this and make them look pretty. I was also right with painting a base polish, I possibly could even have used a white base.
As decals they were easy to slide off the backing paper and stuck nicely to my nails, giving me enough time to smooth out any crinkles that formed. Top coated to give extra protection and finished.
My discount code is below if there is any nail items you like on the Lady Queen web site. 

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Till next time stay safe and much love....


  1. Nice pattern and it looks great with your skin tone!

  2. These are great! The base colour works so well with them also!

    1. Thank you, would be interesting to see how they look over a different coloured base x

  3. I am always a fan of plaid nails and this definitely beats the heck out of trying to freehand them. Love how they turned out.