Saturday 29 March 2014

Fire and Flames

Water Marble Nails

Hey all, so today for my normal Saturday Manicure I'm doing another water marble. This time I will be sharing how I do it on my nails, unlike my previous water marble posts. So lets get to it..
First off I already painted my nail with two coats of Jess French White.

I cut 20 strips of masking tape, two for each finger. I tape all fingers on my left hand as I do this hand first, being right handed I find this easier for me. But when I do my right hand I tape each finger as I water marble, it, as I find it hard to pick the lids of the polish up with tape around my fingers. Bottled water at room temperature in a paper cup, about an inch away from the top, polishes open and orange stick at the ready, lets start..

I did all my fingers apart from one, which I videoed to show how I got the flame design in the water, and finger placement over the pattern. I again apologise for the quality of the video, and I will show photos at the end..

And for the photos, all cleaned up and topcoated :)

Hope you enjoy reading this post. I'm not one for yellow polish against my skin tone, however I think as this has the other colours and not just yellow, it look ok. I like it anyway lol, what do you think?

Stay safe and much love..


  1. Those came out so cool! Great technique.Love seeing a tutorial for this look too. Thanks for sharing :)