Saturday 22 March 2014

Water Marbling

Water Marbling...what polishes?

Hey all, hope you are all well. We have a new internet provider now :) working much better. This is going to be a very big photo and video post showing what polishes I use to water marble. Also showing how well and bad each one works in the water. I used false nails, just because I was testing 13 different brands of polish, and this was quicker. But the process is the same when doing it on your own nail, apart from taping each finger to save on clean up when you're done. But as for placing the nail in the part of the design you like its all the same. You will see in some videos when the polish doesn't seem to spread well, I use my orange stick in the water to make it spread, this tip can also be used when you need or want to clean the surface of the water. You drip in one drop of polish, use the orange stick to pull the polish to the outside of the cup, wait for it to dry (you can blow on it to speed it up) the remove with a cotton bud (that's what I use). Also once you have dipped your finger into the water and cleaned the excess polish from the surface, if you slowly take your finger out the water it reduces bubbles forming in the polish.
As I've said this is a heavy photo and video post, I'll show the photo's of the polishes and then the video of the water marble with them. I also apologize for the quality of the video as it's only a cheap camcorder.

So are you ready?..........
Let's start..
Beauty UK (Wildchild Collection) Pink, Purple and Yellow.

166A Red, 341 Orange and 677 Black.

Green and Blue

Ultra Magenta, Black and White.

Pink, Purple and Blue

Hello Sailor, Pure Red and Ebony.

Candy Coated, Pistache, Cotton Candy, Cinderella.

Peach Beach, Blue it and Twisted Pink.

Bold Blue, Bright Coral and Lush Lilac.

Crush, Wild Thing, Party Dress and Girls Night Out.

Purple Pulse and Lavender Cloud.

Candy Purple, Purple and Denim Chrome.

Shrinking Violet, Preview Pink and Electric pink.

The End ha ha

Here is a better picture of each nail....

Left to right: Revlon, Wet n Wild, Sinful Colors, Sally Hansen Salon Manicure, Jesse's Girl, Pride of London.

MNY, Beauty UK, Chit Chat, Collection 2000, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, MUA, La Femme.

As you can see all of these polishes work well, the Pride of London nail was an error on my part for not making the design big enough for the nail! I hope this helps, was a hard post to do, but enjoyed doing it :) Ask me anything if you need to and I'll try my best to help. 
Thanks for stopping by and till next time, stay safe and much love....


  1. Great post! Thanks for all the info! Water marbling is a bit daunting for me - but I will use your post as a guide the next time I can gather the courage to try it out again! :-)

    1. Thank you. My very first attempt failed miserably, but I wouldn't let it get the better of me :) xx

  2. You have really put in so much effort here. I am sure it's going to be a great help to all who want to lwarn watermarble. I watched a few vids and loved them all. I have a suggestion to embed your videos in the post so readers don't have to leave the page and it will be easy to watch all in same place.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, and such a nice comment x