Thursday 27 March 2014

Autism Awareness

Blue Nails

Hello again lovely people! I'm here with another awareness post, this time for Autism. Again there's an event on facebook for Blue Nails for Autism Awareness. My post this time will be totally different to my normal ones, as blue is my favourite colour. So I will share my blue manicures, possibly plain or with some nail art. The first one is Perfect Holographic in H4. An awesome blue holo polish...The cheapest holo I have, but that doesn't show in the holographic quality :)

Next up is an untried polish that I got for my birthday. Revlon Royal. A wicked blue with a gelly like quality. I love this shade of blue, and the finish (without a topcoat) is super shiny.

Next up is another untried and birthday gift. My one and only Opi polish! Reflecting Pool. Such a beautiful polish with gold and silver sparkles.

Then the sun made a quick appearance, so I quickly stamped with Gosh Holographic and Konad plate m78.

The next mani I used two blue polishes. Silly of me, but when I sorted all the blue polishes out for this week, it didn't occur to me that apart from the Perfect Holographic, the rest were all untried polishes! So anyway I used Barry M Silk in Mist and Barry M Gelly in Blue Grape. I also used my Princess Moyou plate for the first time too :) Take a look..

Ok so were at the last blue mani for the cause, again another new polish, and another cheap one. Pretty by Quest Blue Denim Look polish. I knew I had left this polish last for a reason.....but not a bad one. What an awesome polish! One coater, lovely to apply and dries quickly to a matte finish.

Now although I like the finish to this polish, I wanted to see what it would look like with a topcoat. And I wasn't disappointed! Take a look...

It would be hard for me to choose a favourite from all these blue manicures I have done, as I like them all! As I've said though blue is my fav colour, and I have enjoyed doing this post for Autism Awareness :) Here are all the polishes together...

Perfect H4, Revlon Royal, Opi Reflecting Pool, Barry M Mist, Barry M Blue Grape and Pretty Blue Denim. 
I hope you enjoy reading this, and I will be back on Saturday with a final water marbled design that I'm hoping to video on my nails and not on false ha ha, so till then take care and much love....


  1. Hi Tracey wow these colors are gorgeous! I do love me some holo though lol that Revlon is lovely.great post showing your support and raising more awareness.feel free to add this to my charity challenge if you like no worries if you don't either hugs xxx :)

    1. Thank you Dawn, I had fun doing it :) Thanks I will add this to your charity challenge, which is also a great thing you are doing too hun xx

    2. awh hugs hun thanks I just wish more people would take part but not to worry I am sure the ones who have joined will at some point hehe thank you for supporting my challenge and taking part each month I truly appreciate it hun xxxxx

    3. Im sure/hope they will at some point. I know in todays world we all live busy lives, but its also nice just to take a minute and think about others less fortunate xx

  2. Hiya!! I love this and the concept! My brother is autistic so this is a really cool idea!!

    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  3. Beautiful manis Tracey, all of them!!!

  4. All these shades are so beautiful!!!! :)