Sunday, 29 December 2013

How I Water Marble

How to do Water Marble Nails

So for my last post of 2013 I thought I would do a step by step photo guide on how I water marble my nails. The reason for this is I know a lot of people struggle and give up. I'm no expert on water marbling, and there are lots of videos showing how to, but when I first tried I also failed miserably, but wouldn't give up until I had managed to do at least one water marble design on my nails! So this post is on how I do it. I did find at times it was the nail polish I was using. There are lots of polish that will work, and the best tip I can give anyone is when you take the lid off the polish, if it drips quickly off the brush, then it should work well in the water. Obviously fast drying nail polish is a no no for water marbling. As this will be a somewhat heavy photo post, lets start...
I will be showing you three different patterns, using three different brands of polish, that I find work well.

I use a paper party cup, an orange stick for drawing designs, bottled water at room temperature, cotton buds for cleaning excess polish from the water, and as I did my nails yesterday I painted three swatch nails with one coat of white polish. If I was doing this on my nails I would do the same. I fill the cup to about an inch from the top.

 Polish I'm using is La Femme, Beauty UK and Collection 2000.

Just wanted to show how I would tape my fingers with masking tape, if I was doing this on my nails. It saves on the clean up after!
La Femme White and Fluorescent Pink.

Drip the polish a drop at a time into the water, until you are happy with the rings of polish.

For a flower/petal design, start from the outside edge and gently draw into the middle ring of polish. Left to middle, right to middle bottom to middle, top to middle, then at a diagonal. Bit like drawing a star.

Find the part of the design you like and dunk your nail in. You can see the cotton bud at the back where I cleaned the excess polish from the surface of the water while still holding your nail under.

The finished nail :)

Beauty UK Purple and Yellow.

Again drip polish a drop at a time into the water.

For this design you draw from the middle to the top, and the middle to the bottom. Then alternately left and right. You can dip your nail into the pattern this way, but I chose to turn the cup.

Dunk nail into water, clean excess from the surface, then slowly lift out.

The finished nail :)

Collection 2000 Black, Red and Silver.

Drop by drop again.

For this one I just drew from the left side to the right, creates a peacock type of pattern. Oh one thing I forgot to mention, I clean off the orange stick, sometimes after every time i draw in the polish, as you need a sharp point to create a crisp clean line.

I dunked the nail nearly the outer edge of the design, clean up excess and voila .. On my own nails I take the tape off my finger once I've taken it out the water.

The finished nail :)

Here are all the nails and polish together. When I topcoat coat these, or any of my manicures, I always use La Femme Clear polish first. This is the only polish I have found that doesn't smear or smudge and polish, even from stamping designs! Then I use Sally Hansen 30 Second Insta-Dri topcoat.

I hope this helps, it's not really much harder than it may look, but does take a bit longer to do.

So till next year stay safe and much love :)


  1. You make it look so easy! I've never heard of La Femme polish. Why do you like it and where do you get it from? Happy New Year!

    1. La Femme is a cheap brand polish, that is really good for the price. They do glitter, cream, neon and more. You can find them on ebay. In sets or single bottles. Water marbling
      is not that hard you should have a go :) x

  2. These watermarbles look great on your nails! ;)

  3. This looks like so much fun. I remember doing water marbling at school. I think this will defo be one for me and my daughter to try. Whether our attempt will be as succesful as yours remains to be seen lol ;-) x
    Love Vicky

  4. Aww thank you, as I said I'm no expert just been practising a lot, I wouldn't let it beat me lol. :) xx

  5. Fantastic! you're really amazing at this! I might have to give it a try :) x